Sunday, July 1, 2012

Always something

Yep, it's always something, isn't it?  Lately, it's been the heat.  The storms.  The power outages.  Here in VA and Maryland it's been quite the story.

I wanted to set my blog up so I can start to have separate posts.  I finally (after about an hour and a half) figured out how to add the separate pages so I can now split my blog into photography, crafts, life, animals, and food.  This way, if you're not interested in something, you can just pop up the page you are interested in.  You can thank me later.  ha ha
Of course, I have to remember now, not to mix my posts.....separate posts for separate subjects!  Boy, that will  be the big test for me! 

The only thing I can't figure out (yet) is how to move the blog posts I've already made, into those tabs......if you know the secret, could you let me in on it?  I have looked everywhere I can think of.  Since I accidentally stumbled upon the "pages" and figured that one out, I was hoping I'd figure out the "move" but alas, it hasn't happened - yet.

I got quite a few things done in the past couple of days.  I did a wall hanging using thread painting, free motion quilting on my sewing machine, and a stitch pattern from my machine, with variegated thread (which I love love love!).   Of course, you'll have to go to my fiber arts tab to see that post....

So we'll see how this works out.  Maybe no one will bother checking my tabs.  When I read other peoples' blogs, I love to check their tabs because who knows what wonderful things you'll find????!!!!

On another subject (Life), have you had those times in your life where you've wondered what makes you so different, or maybe why you don't fit in, or maybe why you feel like no one understands you or "gets" you?  I live my entire life like that.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm just the odd duck.  Or maybe it was my upbringing?  Maybe I wasn't taught certain things....I have NO idea what it is.  I do have those thoughts a lot though.  I wonder why I feel like I've lived my entire life trying to please those around me, feeling like I've done my best to do things the way others would like them done, and yet, not feeling appreciated.  I feel like I really put myself out there, and yet, I feel like no one notices.  Or maybe they aren't grateful.  Or maybe they don't really CARE that I'm putting myself out there.  I'm not really sure.  It just gets to me now and then, no matter how hard I try not to let it. Then of course, I get mad at myself for caring, for letting it get to me that I don't feel appreciated.  I get mad at myself for wondering what I did wrong in my past.  I get angry that I feel like even though I tried my hardest my entire life, there is always something that isn't quite right. Things happen, I know.  It just bugs the crap outta me that I let myself feel vulnerable, used, unappreciated, worthless, or just plain old.

I will get past this, as I do every time.  It doesn't last long.  I have learned to move on and no matter what someone else says or does, how it makes me feel is MY responsibility.  If I take things personally, then that's my own fault.  Only I can brush things off or let them get to me.  It's been a long long road to travel, to get where I am with my own self.  Being me, being true to myself and my beliefs, and being the person I need to be, not what someone else wants me to be or trying to be someone that I think everyone else will like.  Just me.  I just hope at some point in my life, before I die, that I can actually be proud of what I've done in my life, the way I did things, and accept myself without regret or beating myself up.  That's all I really want.....

Ok, enough of that.  Off to process the photos for my first post on the fiber arts tab (since I can't figure out how to move previous posts there!).  Gives me something to work on.  Ha ha

Take care.  Enjoy life.  Today is the only today you'll have before it becomes a yesterday, that can't be improved or changed!

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