Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have no excuse.  I should be posting more. I'm spending a LOT of time in the house. It's just TOO hot outside!  Take a look.

This is on the porch.  In the shade.  I can't imagine what it is in the sun.............

The dogs wanted to go outside, so I took the camera.  I kept telling them they didn't really want to go out...but yeah, they did.  I guess they wanted a cookie.  To get one, they have to go out and one of them has to perform.............
Gabbi ~ she's too smart for her own good.  When she wants to go potty, she wants to go OUTSIDE the fence to go. She sits by the gate, and stares out.....
She wouldn't look up at me with the camera.  She's little, it's hard to look up. 

Evan Almighty
Evan is a star.  He does whatever I ask him too.  Except brushing his teeth.  He hates it. 

While I was waiting for Gabbi to piddle do her thing, I took some other photos.

Pine cones
Pine cones.  Small pine cones. I like this tree a lot.

New pine cones
This is what the pine cones look like when they are new.  Blooming pine cones?

Bird bath
This is my bird bath/feeder.  There is no seed in it right now.  It hangs in the front yard and I don't want the squirrels to get in it.  The bottom is a Pyrex pie pan, the center is a glass, and the top is just a glass plate.  I have water in the bottom (kinda hard to tell in this photo).  It's been SO hot, I wanted to provide the birds some water.  I got the glass pieces from Goodwill when we went to town the other day.  I spent $4.00.  Coulda gone to the Dollar Tree and probably spent a dollar less, but hey, it's Goodwill, right? 

I worked on my quilt this morning.  I got it all sandwiched and quilted.  I did a double stitch in the ditch.  I suck at stitch in the ditch.  Really. I  can NOT sew a straight line for my life.  Seriously - even when I have a straight line to follow, I can't sew a straight line.  Even when I go SLOW.  I even took my glasses off to see better (I wear tri-focals and even then it's easier to take my glasses off for fine, close up work).  It's just me.  I hate it.  So this quilt will probably never sell.  Honestly, I like the quilt a lot.  It might just be an automatic keeper.  LOL

When I went upstairs this morning to work on the quilt, I had not eaten yet.  I was getting hungry, and had enough of sewing (and being frustrated over not being able to sew a straight line) so I finished up the quilting, and I shut everything down, and came downstairs.  It was 11:00!!!!!  The morning had gotten away from me but I got a lot done, so that was ok.  I ate a good lunch! 

I will go upstairs tomorrow morning and do the binding. I have to cut the fabric and square up the quilt, then machine stitch the binding on one side, and hand sew the binding on the other.  I actually look forward to the hand sewing.  I challenge myself to do it and not have it show.  :-)  The only thing is how HOT I will get with the quilt over my lap while working on it!   Then I'll wash it and dry it and it will fluff up and hopefully my crappy stitching won't show so much.  Sigh...........

I ended up taking a nap this afternoon.  I read (and finished) my book and stayed up till 11:30 last night, then woke this morning at 5:30.  Because I wanted to get started on my quilting, I was anxious to get going.  By the time I ate lunch, I was falling asleep!  The cat was already on the bed napping, so I hiked the two dogs up there and we all took a nap!  When I got up I showered and thought maybe I'd go to the library and get a new book and return the one I just finished, but alas, it was already too hot.  I will get up tomorrow, work a little on the quilt binding, then head out when the library is open to get a new book.  It's going to be just as hot tomorrow (and Saturday).

Guess I'd better get off now.  Blogger is trying to save my work and it keeps coming up with an error.  I think storms might move into the area and I need to finish this and get dinner started anyway!

Take care.

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Judee said...

Sounds like me when I have projects going. Can't wait to see the quilt.