Friday, July 6, 2012


I decided to try one of the Pinterest recipes.  I didn't follow it exactly.  Here is the link to the recipe.  She says she revised the recipe and links it in the post so here  is that link.

I didn't make mine from scratch.  I used Duncan Hines yellow cake mix.  Call me lazy. 


I have a very large jar of Nutella that hadn't been opened, so I cracked that open.
I followed the direction for the cake mix, pulled out my muffin tins (one holds 12, the other 2 are 6 each). 
I put the batter in the cupcake papers in the tins.  I filled mine about 1/2 full.  Maybe a tad more.  I filled all 24 cupcake holes, so whatever you do, that's what you should get.  Do NOT fill them too full.  Ya gotta leave room for the yummy stuff.
I used a large spoon from my silverware drawer.  It's not the small teaspoons.  It's not a serving spoon.  It's just the largest spoon that comes in a set of silverware (not real silver of course - you know, your every day stuff).  Use whatever works but this size was perfect for me.

Large spoon on right
I put a big glob of Nutella into a microwave save dish.  The dish wasn't big and I actually had to do it twice.  I put in on in the microwave for 20 seconds.  This was perfect for mine.  You want it to not be that big thick glob that comes out of the Nutella jar.  It has to be somewhat softer - soft enough to drip into the cupcake tins, but not so soft it's melted.
I put a big spoonful into each cupcake.  When I was done, the cupcakes basically came just below the top of the papers.  I then took a table/butter knife and sort of swirled the Nutella around - I sort of picked up the yellow cake batter and sort of moved it over the top of the Nutella and swirled a little bit around the cupcake paper, being VERY careful not to rip it.  Or make too big a mess.   That was the hardest part for me!  Not making a huge mess.
Then I popped them in the oven.  The box said for 18-22 mins.  I put them in for 18 mins and thought they needed another 2.  They were perfect.  If you touch the top of the cupcake, and it boings back, they are done.  Kinda like touching a sponge (saw that on Food Network last night!).
I let them cool.  I haven't frosted them. 
They are REALLY good.  My favorite part is the chocolate of course.  Next time I will be adding more Nutella.  But they are yummy!
So go try them.  It's easy with a box mix, and without frosting they'd be good for traveling if you have to take a desert or snack somewhere.

I just finished a book called Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani.  Nice Italian girl.  (I'm married to full Italian).  She actually grew up in the hills just south of here, in the mountains I love to look at.  Good stories.  So I picked up the next in the series, Big Cherry Holler.  It picks up 8 years after the last story left off.  Wish it picked up sooner!  What happened in those 8 years?????  LoL

I was bad.  When I went to town, I bought some fiber and a book on spinning.  I have been wanting to try it for the longest.  I couldn't bring myself to spend the $35.00 on a spindle.  I should have.  Making one is going to be a bit fussy, so maybe I'll go back and buy one.  Who knows...........
Anyway, I'm going to give it a shot with a drop spindle since I can't really afford a spinning wheel right now.  I have to see how my thumbs do.
I also bought a package of various colors of Angelina Fibers. SOOOO pretty!  I can't wait to play with those.  Bought those at the local art shop.  LUV that place.

Ok, gotta go and take the doggies out.  Little white Gabbi Girl didn't go last time I took them (5 minutes ago).  She sat in the sun, in the heat, waiting for her brother to go.  It's 98 degrees out there and the air quality sucks.  Tomorrow will be hotter.  Then Sunday, storms and a "cold" front bringing temps in the 80s next week.  Pray to God, it stays there in the 80s.  Of course the humidity will kill me, but hey, can't have everything I guess.

Take care.

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Judee said...

ooo, those cupcakes look goood! Thanks for the recipe. Hope it cools down for you soon.