Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Stuff!

Yesterday, despite the excessive heat warnings put out because temps were over 100* here in Virginia, we went shopping.  Cottonwood quilt shop had a big, one day sale.  I really wanted to go.  Off we went!  First, we went by the post office, which meant we went through Orange to get to Charlottesville.  We were going by the airport and there were crazy people parachutists (?)  jumping out of planes.   I asked hubby to stop for me to get photos - remembered the camera!
Coming in for a landing

Getting closer!

Two people!

This is not something I ever wanted to do, nor will I ever do it.  Crazy people!

We got to the shop, just a little after 10:00 (opening time) and they were already crowded.  Even the people working there said they have never seen that many people in the shop at once, even during sales!  They said they would have $2/yard fabric, but I never saw it.  I should have asked but I figured there wasn't any left or if so, it might be stuff I didn't want.
I spent my fair share though.  Here's my loot.

Below is some butterfly fabric I fell in love with.  It's bright and vibrant and I love it.  I got 2 yards, and I bought 2 Charm Packs (5" squares) to go with it.  I'm not totally crazy about the fabric in the charm the flowers on top, but the rest is....interesting.  When I take it all out and lay it out we'll see how it turns out.  I might just get some different fabric for it and make a different quilt than I plan on....
 This yellow with polka dot fabric is so cute.  It is for the backing for a baby quilt I must get going on - today!  I realized my niece, whom I haven't seen since last summer, is having a baby and it's due this month. Oops, that time got away from me!  The quilt top will be made from Benartex fabric, Baby Talk, 5" squares.
 I am MOST excited about this book.  I saw it just before getting into the checkout line.  I've been wanting a book of patterns that are big, and easy.  This fits the bill and has SO many possibilities.  It has all the monthly calendars in it, all the BIG numbers, a few special occasion ideas, and even shows how to make a banner (as in a Happy Birthday banner, or anything you want it to say).  The patterns look so easy and fast and applique is what I like to do, so this will give me a chance to practice.
On Friday, I'd gone to town and bought a bit of fiber and a book on spinning.  I was going to come home and make a spindle out of a CD and a dowel.  Thought I had all the necessary things here, but I didn't and I decided that spending the $30.00 on a spindle might be worth it.  On the way back to town yesterday, I mentioned it to hubby.  He took me over to the yarn shop and we bought the spindle.  YAY.  So here is the fiber and spindle and book, but I didn't get a photo of the fiber before I spun it.  I didn't spin very well - this isn't thin yarn.  I don't like thin yarn, so that's ok with me.  I have to still ply it with some thread, and then I will wash it to set it, and then I'll make something - either use it in my weaving, or I'll knit or crochet something up with it.  Since it's wool, I probably won't make something to wear out of it!

This was the first photo I took after going outside and I think my lens fogged up- it's like 74 in here and 97 outside.....

I now have a ton of projects to keep me busy, both upstairs and down here, so no excuses!
Yesterday was an excellent day for me. :-)

Today is hot again, and we are supposed to get storms blowing a cold front thru here later, with possible severe storms.  Sure hope they aren't severe.  Lower temps this week (thank God) but with a chance of rain almost every day.  But lower temps will be NICE!

That's about it from me.  Hope you all are enjoying life.  Every day is a gift!

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Ashlee Christopher said...

WOW this is awesome I wish I could do that! What an awesome life you live jealous!!