Friday, April 27, 2018

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We recently took a little trip in our RV.  We were gone for about a week.  While we were at one campground, one of my dogs got into something under the picnic table. I pulled him out from under it and thought, crap, I hope he doesn't get sick.
In the following days, he started not wanting to eat his food.  We thought maybe it was because he didn't like the small space of the van.  We encouraged him to eat, and he did, with no ill side effects, but he was definitely off, though he still went for walks and seemed ok for the most part.

We decided to depart on Sunday instead of Monday, as the weather was supposed to turn and get rainy, and we really didn't want to deal with it at the campground, or travel in it if we could help it.  We were done with being where we were, and the shakedown trip for our RV went really well. Ready to head home, we decided to take the Interstate, and drive the entire distance in one day. It ended being about 10 hours, which in reality, wasn't bad.  We've done longer.  Having a bathroom and kitchen with us, makes it even easier.  At lunch time, I went into the galley and made a sandwich for Hubs, and had some left over chicken from my dinner out the evening before.  Continued driving and made it home in one piece and in nice weather.

After arriving home, Evan started acting even more like he didn't feel well. There was vomiting and diarrhea.  I contacted a friend of mine who is a veterinarian and asked her advice.  She helped me think through things. I slept in the basement on a cot with both dogs on a bed beside me and whenever Evan had to go outside, I got up and walked 3 feet to the door to take him out. It wasn't a horrible night as he only really asked to go out once other than really early in the morning.

I thought we were on the home stretch with him feeling better, but since my vet friend hasn't ever really met Evan, and I trust her, I set up an appointment with her to meet him.  While she is almost 90 minutes away, up I 95 on the Interstate, which is a real trip just for an appointment, I'm willing to do it. I'm sort of done with the veterinarians in this area where we live and want to know I trust the person caring for my dogs.

During the visit, blood was drawn for a senior panel, and urine was obtained. He didn't have a lot of urine as he'd peed before we went in. However, with the little we got, some blood was present.  We were asked to spend at least an hour or 2 trying to get him to drink and urinate more for further testing.  We went to a favorite deli to get lunch, and I got some ice chips for Evan to eat, which he loved.  That helped hydrate him, since even when offered water, he didn't really want any.

We were able to get over 2 mls of urine and headed back to the vet clinic.  The vet then did an x-ray and sonogram, and on the x-ray, it showed what is suspected to be a bladder stone.  Not the news I expected to hear.

We headed home, with the news that next Wednesday, we have to head back up to the vet clinic, be there by 8 a.m., to drop my little boy off and leave him there.  This makes me very sad as I know how attached he is to me, and how he hates being separated.  He won't understand why he's there, in a cage, in a strange area.  His bladder will not be allowed to be empty, and he will have a sonogram and x-ray again, and if it is, indeed, determined to be a stone, he will have surgery.

I'm very afraid.  Last time I trusted a vet with my cat, where he had a procedure to flush his sinuses, he passed away under anesthesia.  I trust this vet to do the very best she can do, but it makes me very nervous that my boy may not make it through this.  This is more invasive than a dental cleaning, though they do both under general anesthesia.  They have to cut into the bladder, remove the stone and any small ones that may not be visible on the x-ray, and close him up. The clinic doesn't have a night nurse any longer, so we will bring him home as I don't want to leave him all night with no one watching him.  I will watch him closely and sleep with him and wake up any time he needs me.  We won't be able to pick him up till 7 p.m. which will get us home quite late, but I will do what I have to for my little guy.

This dog is my heart dog.  I got him shortly after my heart attack, did Therapy Dog work with him and everyone he meets, absolutely loves him.  He's a people lover for sure.  He really is a special dog, who totally understands me when I speak to him.  It's like he's a little human being in that furry coat.

Last night, he started with diarrhea again.  We are picking up some meds for him to start on to help with the diarrhea and also an antibiotic, which hopefully will help with his discomfort from the bladder stone.  Today, he is snoozing comfortably. I think yesterday exhausted us all.

More on our travels in another post. I'm thinking of starting a new blog for our travels, but as usual, I'm having problems coming up with a good name for it. I'll work on that, and post about the travels.  This blog is really personal and mostly is just helpful to me to work through things and get them out of my head, and since I have few followers and that's not really my goal of this blog, I will keep this and my travels separate.

I hope all is well in your world.  Be well.  Take care.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Relationships & Looking Forward

My relationships with the people in my life are always feeling strained.  I have a difficult time dealing with others.  I am at a point where I wish I could go off by myself, and not have to deal with anyone unless it was my choice.  It's exhausting, and my drive to deal with others is shot to hell this week.

We have a trip planned in about 10 days, we'll be gone for about 10 days.  I'm looking forward to getting away, in one way, and in another, I'm not. I am looking forward to hopefully some warm, sunny weather.  We are headed to Georgia.  I don't know if it'll be nicer there than it's been here. It's a bit too far out to check weather for that week. 
Sunrise in Searsport, ME 2017
We have another trip planned for later in the summer.  That trip I'm a bit more excited about.  We will be going to Maine again.  There is a family reunion my cousin will be putting on.  Then we have about 3 weeks till Fiber College which is held in Searsport, Maine.  The campground is rustic, with simple amenities, but the stuff that will be going on is amazing. Fiber. Flute making. All taking place on the edge of the ocean.  FUN!  I'm signed up for 5 full days of immersion learning.  I just hope I can handle 5 days in a row.....

Moon rise in Searsport, ME 2017
To see these views again will be amazing. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring is Here!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has arrived!  I live in Virginia - I guess you'd call it the Piedmont.  Not Northern VA. Not Southern. Not really central.......sort of east of the mountains and west of the ocean.  About 30 minutes west of Fredericksburg if you were really interested in figuring it out, which I'm sure you're not.

We've had about a half inch of snow fall all winter.  Spring arrives and HELLO snow!  It's absolutely beautiful.  Everyone around me is freaking out.  Husband worries, daughter worries (she has 2 small children, a dog, and husband is away on business).  People do stupid things here when it snows - like going out driving in it because they just can't stay home - and they are the idiots that have NO idea what they are doing in the WE stay home.  I'd love to go out and take photographs.
Speaking of photographs, I took my Nikon camera out to take some - and the battery was almost dead.  I also got a message that the card couldn't be used and may be corrupt.  I don't know if that's just because the battery was dead or if it's really an issue.  The battery is now charging and I will check when it's done. I haven't had my camera out in awhile.

Tony went for a recheck of his finger. It's been about 3 weeks now since he detached the ligament.  The PT put a new cast on it and he has to exercise the very top of his finger, wiggling the top knuckle.  4 weeks in the cast now, and then it gets removed.

Not bad compared to what it looked like 3 weeks ago!  Still swollen and he can't move it because we are trying to get that ligament to heal.

Speaking of Tony, I sneaked a couple of pictures of he and I in the car.  He almost never smiles..........he used to be a Drill Instructor in the Army.  I can't blame that - it's just his natural way.  He's always so serious. Doesn't know how to have much fun.
Of course, he didn't know I was taking the pics, so I guess that didn't help - but he still wouldn't have smiled.  In the first pic we were on our way to the barn because we got a call that Bridget's nose was snotty, and after we went to see it on Friday, we called the vet and they came out Saturday.  We didn't know why she had a snotty nose but I expected a tooth issue, and I was right.  The offending tooth had to be pulled and smelled awful!  She was a good girl.  It's a good thing she's a tough old broad! 

She feels MUCH better now.  Our checkbook, however, is hurting.  We have to pay out again tomorrow when the vet comes to do spring shots and Coggins testing.  Ouch.

I have been really bad today. I've sat at the computer almost the entire day.  I love days like today. I'm lazy, and I can hang out and do whatever I want instead of running around all the time just to "keep busy."  Tony doesn't really know what else to do with himself. 

The snow is still coming down.  Off to crochet. I'm making blankets for each of the grand kids and want to get them done by Easter!  

Take care.  Be well,  Love yourself. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Home for the Horses - and a slight accident.....

We had to take the van in for another repair.  This time, it was the generator that quit working on us.  I tell ya, sometimes, it feels like if we didn't have bad luck, we'd have none at all.
Mind you, we haven't even spent a night in the van yet!

Speaking of which, it would be nice if we could spend a night in the van. It's TOO COLD!  We need to see Spring.

I'm grateful though - we don't need to see spring as badly as some of my friends and family in the Northeast!  Man, they are getting slammed with Nor'easters lately.  TONS of snow in NY and Maine. 

We've talked about moving to western NY, and also have kicked around the idea of moving to Maine.  After this winter, not so much!  We have had little snow - less than an inch I believe - all winter.  However - that could all change on Monday according to the forecasters.  Of course, they aren't we'll see.

We had to move our horses to another barn. The barn here in the community - which is the main reason we moved here instead of somewhere else - wasn't working out anymore.  Can't go into detail - let's just say the trust issue was way over awhile ago.  The horses are SO much happier where they are now with green grass growing and room to move around, and softer ground.  They are doing very well, thank goodness.  I can't say that about husband though.....more on that in a bit.

Me and the horses
The run in shed for shelter
This is a video of Tony and the horse that caused all the trouble (see below)

So - the story of Tony and Blue - Tony - husband - and Blue are really bonded.  However, Bridget has a LOT more experience.  I wanted to lead Bridget into the horse trailer when it was time to move them.  I asked Tony to take Blue, as I thought he'd follow him (and Bridget) right on the trailer - and I was nervous that day already and didn't want to transfer my nervous energy to Blue. 

Well.... Blue pulled back at one point, and Tony didn't let go of the rope - which is rule #1 - ALWAYS let go of the rope!  It's not worth it to hang on. The rope will hurt you.  Always. Regardless of the type of rope - it will hurt.  We happen to have nylon ropes which hurt even worse.  Yes, Tony got a rope burn blister on his left hand.  That was mild compared to what happened on his right hand....

That pinky finger is NOT supposed to be that big, or shaped like that.  The rope got wrapped around the finger, and pulled the finger sideways at the middle knuckle.  I don't have a photo of that because Tony was a brave man, and pulled the finger back into place........yeah........ewwwwww.

I finally got the horses on the trailer, we went to the new barn, then when we were satisfied that the horses were fine, we left and drove to Med Express. Probably not the best decision but it's what we did.  They put a splint on it after x-rays showed it wasn't broken.  What x-rays don't show, is ligaments.  

We made an appointment with an ortho doc and saw him on Monday - the accident happened the week before on Weds.  So it was a few days.  The ortho doc put a different splint on, but didn't manipulate the finger at all.  He did say Tony needed to go to the physical therapist.  We walked upstairs and made an appointment which was scheduled for 2 days later.  Tony went alone to the appointment - we both thought they would do an assessment, and tell him to return for PT in the future.  Ha!  Not so much.

The PT actually straightened the finger - and put a little cast on it. The first cast failed so she had to do it again.  Poor guy came home and said he almost passed out.  UGH. I can't even imagine.  

The issue is, the ligament that the finger uses to straighten and bend the finger, got ripped off the bone, and no longer worked.  Other than surgery, which isn't always effective, this is the only solution.  6 weeks in a cast.  Sigh.  

This is awful for Tony because he's never had anything like this. He doesn't do broken well.  Or injured.  Or sick.  He just doesn't.  He's adjusting, but doesn't like it.  Not that anyone would, but really, it's just his pinky finger. 

This does mean, however, that we cannot go anywhere in the van for any length of time. Tony has to return to the PT on March 19th to see how the finger is doing, and I have a feeling she may re-cast it at that point, especially if the swelling has gone down.  We were hoping to get out in the van to give it a good test run.  We'd prefer to be able to de-winterize the van before we do go out and with the weather being SO cold lately, that isn't going to happen.  So I guess it all works out the way it should.

We are supposed to go away around mid-April, on a trip I scheduled months ago, to a rally.  However, the day the 6 weeks is up for Tony's cast is the day before the rally starts.......  We will be asking the PT if there is any way we can still go.  We'd be gone about a week, so I don't know if that will work for the PT and Tony's finger.  We are a bit frustrated by that but hoping there is a solution.

So, that's the latest here.  
More another day on weight loss, and other stuff.  

Take care and be well. 

Monday, February 19, 2018


Well, it's still gray, dreary, brown and gray mid February.  The weather has been...interesting.  We had a couple of days where temps were in the low 70's.  Crazy!  We are expecting a couple more of those days this week as well, along with lots of rain.

We got the van repaired.  It WAS a cracked pipe.  The repair guy said most likely from CW not draining everything correctly before winterizing.  Sigh.

How frustrating.  $350 and 2 days later, we have it back home. We took it out to one of the local Mennonite places that sells sandwiches and salads, and bulk food.  We sat in the parking lot and ran the generator, which they say has to be run for 2 hours monthly, with a load on it - meaning that we have to run the heater or AC or oven.  This was one of the 70 degree days, so the AC was on.  About an hour in, the generator quit.  Got it restarted, and ran about another 40 minutes, then quit again - only this time, it wouldn't start up.  We packed up the van, and drove it to the RV repair place....again.  The owner took a quick look at it, and said he thinks it's the fuel line.  Sigh.  Why can't we just get things that work and never need repairs????  Our friend that also has the same van (different year) has had NO issues with hers what-so-ever.  We are never that lucky!  We have to take it tomorrow and drop it off to see what the RV repair place thinks it is - then decide if we want to drive it even further for it to go to an "authorized" Cummins dealer to get work that may - or may not - be covered under warranty.  The Cummins authorized repair place will charge us $290 just to assess it.  That won't be covered under warranty.  It could turn out that's what we'd have to pay the local place just to fix it! 
It was fun to be out in the van though.  We've named it Rbee.  As in Our Bee.  :-)

I started weaving again.  Finally.  I wound this warp and it was a new experience for me because I wound it 6 threads at a time.  Yep - 6 at a time.  The winding was easy enough except for one thread wanting to lag behind and not stay caught up with the others.  Made for some tension issues, till I corrected it.  Then it was fine. 

The lighting isn't great as this takes place in the finished basement but lighting is not natural.....

I got the loom threaded - then the trouble started.  It took me 3 days, working a bit each day, to get this wound onto the loom.  The yarns were sticking like crazy and not cooperating at all.  I did NOT give up and it is turning out really lovely.  Reminds me a bit of some of the Channel weaving I've seen on YouTube.

 Above is the warp on the beam - the colors are most true in this shot. 

 Below you can see I have more than one thread on the bobbin - mostly I've been weaving with 2-3 threads at a time.  This is supposed to be a summer shirt when I'm done and I wanted to make sure there was coverage.
 Below are 2 threads on top of a dark blue and a purple. and below those are 2 threads of light blue and teal.  I was doing clasped weft (photo above) in these 4 colors - 2 threads on each side.
When using more than one thread at a time in the weft, it makes weaving go really fast!  I'm really enjoying the weaving.  Mixing the colors on the bobbin and in clasped weft is really fun and so pretty!

On the weight front, I'm doing well - I have now reached another big goal.  I've lost 30 pounds - and actually, more because I had lost 5 lbs before I started trying to lose weight.  I'm also below a very large number on the scale as I've mentioned before.  So I'm pretty happy at this point.  I hope I can keep it up, but I do know I'll hit plateaus now and then.  I just have to remember that I need to eat differently for a few days to jump start the loss again, as well as keep moving. I  do wish I'd taken a before picture because I can really see a huge change in myself.  I was wearing XXL and 2 X shirts when the cold weather started.  I'm now in a Large.  I have a long way to go still, so there is no cheating!  However, I do hope that one day, I'll be able to enjoy some treats now and then. 

That's about it for me today.  I'll be back again soon, hopefully with the above weaving finished and made into the shirt I hope it was meant to be. 

Take care and thanks for checking in!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Everything outside is gray or brown.  Dead of winter.  This time of year is SO hard!  

January had some very, very cold days where it didn't get above freezing.  Then, there was about a week where we got very spoiled.  50's and 60's for temps. Boy, that was nice, and almost too hot when it got close to 70.  Then WHAM!  The cold and wind came back and it looks like February is going to be a cold, possibly wet, month. 

I finally reached my first major weight loss goals.  I've lost 26 lbs, and I'm below a very large number on the scale.  That happened about a week ago, but of course, now I'm stuck there and no change in the right direction. The up side - there hasn't been a change in the wrong direction either.  

I've been continuing walking at the mall, however, I messed up and I wore the wrong shoes one day.  That has done some damage, and my right leg is pretty out of whack.  My ankle hurts, my knee hurts, and my leg feels like it's twisted.  Not pleasant!  

I haven't ridden the bike because, well, the seat was irritating my "private parts" and in fact, I ended up with a UTI (TMI?).  Yeah.  I've been on antibiotics for almost a week and they make me feel tired and dragged out.  I've been taking my probiotic and eating some yogurt in the evenings to try to keep a yeast infection (a lovely side effect of some antibiotics) away.

I am proud of myself I've reached this goal.  I'm down 26 lbs, but the reality is, to get to the weight I want to ultimately be at, I have about 70 more lbs to go.  I'd be happy with losing another 50. I know, in my brain, it's not going to happen overnight. I also know that it's not smart to lose a lot of weight quickly.  However, when I hit a stand still like today, it's really hard to remember all this takes time and that's okay.  I need encouragement, but it doesn't come from anyone I know.  There isn't anyone like that in my life. 

I like this.  From Pinterest:

I need to remember this and tell myself this often.  Maybe, my new mantra?

Okay, enough of that.

We are taking our new van into a local RV repair place to have them check whether the hose for the Truma Combi was damaged after Camping World did the winterizing.  We are hoping it's not messed up.  We had run the Truma, there was water leaking inside after it had run for a few hours, and the water was running from under the bed where the Truma is located.  After a lot of research on the Travato FB page, phone calls to Truma, and some further inspection, we realized that the valve that is to be left open in winer (when using the Truma heating device), was closed.  Once that was open, the water no longer leaked inside, but came shooting out of the outside valve under the van.  Hubs is afraid that we may have damage since the water had no where else to go with that valve closed.  I think we are fine, but he doesn't so peace of mind is worth the money it'll cost to have the RV place check it out. They will have to de-winterize the van, test it with water, then winterize the van once again. 

We are hoping that March will bring better, warmer weather - warm enough that we can de-winterize and hopefully go to a campground for a couple of days, hook everything up, and make sure we are good to go on a trip in April. 

We got brave, took the top of the bed off over the Truma, cut in 20" from the foot end of the bed, and put the 2 pieces back on.  They aren't screwed on for now, since the repair place will have to have access.  Winnebago doesn't make this accessible when they sell the van.  They offer a small opening that has to be accessed from the side of the bed, which makes winterizing and changing the water filter (also located under this same bed) very, very messy.  We will screw the two sections back on but the smaller section is not going to have any back screws in it, which makes me a bit nervous, but I think it'll be okay.  

None of the Froli springs had to be removed.  We were able to cut in between them, and though it's not pretty, it's accessible, and that's what matters.  I keep thinking that once the van is back, I'll be able to start putting stuff in there. However, the van will once again have to go into the shop (unless Hubs decides he's knowledgeable enough to do it himself) for de-winterizing once we are sure the temps will stay above freezing. 

Well, thanks for checking in if you did. My life is quite boring.  Hopefully, with spring only a month or so away, I will be able to pick this up and have more interesting stuff to talk about. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Keep Moving!

It's the dead of winter - it's difficult to want to keep moving.  There are the dog days of summer, when it's way too hot to move or do anything, but what do we call the dead of winter - well, besides the "dead of winter?"

It's cold - it's been cold all across the country - and even Florida has been cold!  A friend posted on Facebook today that they had snow - in Louisiana!  A friend in Maine posted the heavy snow they had last week, then a few days later, the crazy heavy fog, which instantly - in ONE day - melted all the snow.  Problem was, it melted so fast, the ground couldn't absorb it all.  Now they are in for another snowstorm up there.   Crazy - but don't mention Global Warming because hey, it isn't really happening....

Weight - well, I'm down another couple of pounds, with a weight loss of 22 lbs, but still struggling.  It's always a struggle.  Even my husband said that it has ALWAYS been a struggle for me to lose weight.  Other people stop eating bread and instantly lose 10 lbs.  Not me.  I haven't had bread for 2.5 years and I didn't lose anything.  Of course, it doesn't help when you substitute all kinds of other crap for not eating bread........ha!

I've cut out all the other crap now.  I tried just eating really tiny portions, and only 3 meals a day.  That worked for a little bit, but I was SO hungry, even after my stomach shrunk.  Then the weight stood still.  I started exercising, and that helped a little, but now I've had to increase the exercise to get any noticeable change in the weight - to include riding the bike at least 30 minutes and more when I have the energy, and walking at the mall at a fast clip for more than 20 minutes and almost a mile.  Then I notice a weight loss - but the minute I have a day where I'm not doing a lot of moving, then that weight just creeps back up - an ounce here, an ounce there.....

Yesterday was a down day for me. I awoke after a full night of sleep, still tired.  I wanted to stay in bed. It was a struggle to move.  I finally got up, showered, dressed, and made up.  Made the bed, ate some breakfast, and went out to do a bit of shopping.  I had a very small breakfast on the way - a few grapes and a couple of squares of cheese (the already sliced cheese in the grocery store).  I drank water and tea.  We walked around the store, to and from the car, then went a couple of other places, then had lunch out.  I had 2 eggs and home fries at Bob Evans.  They don't use a ton of oil on the fries - they are in fact, very dry.  I had water and tea, and water in the car to and from.

Came home, in the afternoon, I had a half a large mandarin orange, more water.  Dinner was a large salad with lettuce, grapes, pumpkin seeds, lentils, black beans, a few walnuts and pecans, cucumber, and a bit of balsamic vinegar and a drop of olive oil.  I also had steamed broccoli.  More water.

I did make some popcorn. I found some by Newman's Own, microwave popcorn, no oil or salt.  Just plain popcorn.  I ate about a cup and a half.

I gained .2 lbs this morning.  My scale goes like this; 100.0, .2, .4, .6., .8, .0.

It's quite frustrating.  Of course, I didn't move a lot yesterday, but I also didn't eat that much. 

I can't do 100% plant based.  It just doesn't work for me.  My energy wanes, my muscles feel fatigued.  I struggle. 

I have tried the tiny portions - I think my body struggled with that though it was effective, but the doctor told me not to go too far with that because it'll mess up my metabolism.  Well, I think I did that long ago, but okay.

I know I'm impatient.  I guess that's a bad trait I have.  So I'm trying to realize I can't lose 2 lbs a week forever.  (my mind says, why not???)

Today I'm going to start on a high protein diet.  I know there are people that will cringe.  However, I want to see what happens for a few days - so I'm going to give it a go.  High protein, low carb.  I won't go crazy with bacon and butter.  Meat, fish, and low carb veggies like broccoli. 

When I lost weight the last time, it was in 2007.  I think I remember that I had a more balanced diet - it wasn't all one thing or the other.  Chicken breast baked in the oven with veggies for dinner.  A nice salad for lunch.  I think maybe eggs for breakfast..... I also went to the gym several days a week - maybe as much as 5-7 days a week, worked out in the pool and on the machines.  I remember I felt pretty good but could get tired then too.  However, in May of 2007 I ended up having the heart attack and that's when it all fell apart again. My body rebelled against anything that was a challenge to digest, so I went back to eating carbs - bread, potatoes, etc.  I didn't keep up with exercising.  It took me over a year to feel better and fully recover.  From that point on, any time I did anything, I felt exhausted afterward.  I've struggled with that ever since. 
I also went through menopause around that time.  Double whammy.

Then in 2011, I ended up with a hysterectomy - and no replacement hormones because of the heart attack.  Yeah, fun times!  There was cancer found, but it didn't consist of enough to warrant treatments - just five years of follow up to ensure that it hadn't spread. 

I'm working on myself, and I have to find what will work for me.  I don't know if the balanced diet with tiny portions is how I'm going to have to go for the rest of my life, or if high protein will kick start anything, or if mostly fruits and veggies is the way I'll have to go. Maybe I can keep switching it up to keep my body guess.  If I gain a pound over the next day or 2, I won't be doing high protein. 

I'm so very close - only a little over 2 lbs away - from being at my first BIG goal.  When I reach that goal, I will be even more motivated.  It's really difficult to be there - as they say - so close, and yet so far.

Meanwhile, we have made some modifications to the van, and I'm very excited about that.  We have put up the thermometer, we attached a couple of small handles (like drawer pulls) under one of the beds which will be for tethering the dogs with straps so they don't fall if we have to stop fast or something else happens - we don't want them falling off the bed.  We put a small thing on top of the fridge door that will show us if we are level.  We also tried out all the window covers - and OMG - the ones for the front windshield were so difficult that Hubs said - Does everyone struggle with these?  I said, well, some put a curtain rod up there (pointing to the overhead above the cab) and they put a curtain up and that's all they use.  He said, order the curtain rod!  We also purchased a shampoo/body wash dispenser.  We will attach that when it gets warm enough for it to stick.  I will go out - probably on Friday when it's warmer - to measure the size for the curtain I will buy for the rod Hubs put up.  We are getting the itch to take off somewhere - we just don't know where - as I said above, it's cold everywhere!  Going south may not be an option.  Of course, we are still winterized too, which makes it a bit trickier.  No running water, no shower, and really, don't want to use the bathroom as we don't want to have to empty the tanks in this cold. 

Meanwhile, I need to get busy and plan our trip to the first rally we are going to attend.  I am excited but nervous. We'll be going south, and the south isn't really my first love for visiting.  I live too far south as it is  - give me the North!

Thanks for checking in.  I hope you are all accomplishing YOUR goals for 2018 and haven't given up yet!   Hang in there, be strong, be kind, be you.