Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ok, I give up!

No no no, not on crafting! I'll have to be DEAD to do that!  Ha ha.
I worked on those 2 photos-on-canvas that bubbled - even tho they bubbled REALLY badly, I kept going with them.
Miraculously, they were FLAT when they dried.  HUH?  Yeah, I said flat.  No bubbles.
Then I had to put on 2 coats (with drying in between) of the top layer of decoupage (Mod Podge).  They bubbled like crazy, and I thought, uh oh.  But after each application with about an hour in between for drying, they went flat!  I have NO idea why or how....I just know that they look awesome.  Photos to follow.

Today was babysitting-the-beautiful-grand-daughter-day.  I won't see her for 2 weeks now, but boy, I love seeing her grow up.  She is exhausting sometimes, but she loves to "read" and loves books and loves to be read to.  She loves bubbles and today we spent some time outside with bubbles.  She is talking up a  storm.  She gets words really fast.  She almost has "Grandma" down.  Since she calls her pacifier Mimi, I can't be called Mimi.  She calls her mom "momma" and I wanted to try Marmy - as in Martha Grammy.  But that didn't work..........she still said Momma.  Oh well.

I just love the dickens out of that little girl!  We went out today - to Joanns (got some more cutters for my clay work I want to do) and we went to Target to try to find toys on clearance.  Well, I didn't find any toys on clearance, but Jia saw a purple ball, but it's not a flat ball, it has rubber nubbies on it.  It still bounces straight.  She carried that ball all the way thru Target. The ball is almost bigger than she is.  She was SO good in the stores.  She also got 2 new books from the dollar section.  Yeah, I can't help it.  She's got me wrapped around her pinky!  LoL

I was lucky and found some things for my desk upstairs.  I REALLY love them, one because they are purple!  The other because I think they are going to help out my organization on my card-making desk.  Yay!  Pics of those to follow too.  I'm just really tuckered right now and am catching up on emails and blogs and FB and have to check a forum I belong to.

So off I go.  I will get photos of the photos-on-canvas and I will get photos of the cool new organization stuff I bought.  I have some photos and video of baby too, so those will also be in my next post (photos, not video).  I need to get a lot of my videos on dvds, and then send them to people.  Maybe that will be Christmas for everyone - dvds of Jia's first and second years.......

You take care and enjoy life!

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