Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Hump Day.

Today I babysat.  Possibly for the last "regular" time.  That's ok, I've had a difficult time lately.  For some reason I have had a really difficult time sleeping the night before I go babysit.  Then, I'm exhausted for 2 days after.  It stinks.  But I love spending time with the baby and she'll always be MY baby!  :-)

I have some show and tell.  Yesterday I went out by myself to shop.  It was a pretty good shopping trip.  I went to Joanns, but the only thing I ended up getting was some oil pastels.  I've been looking for some as I want to play around with them - on fabric and on paper.  I'm no artist, but there are a LOT of colors in here, they weren't really expensive, and I had a coupon.  I spent about $3.+change on these. 
I then went to get Chinese food for lunch as I'd been craving it.  Yum.  Next door to the Chinese food place, there is a Ritz Camera shop.  It has big signs up saying they were having a huge sale due to closing.  I figured what the hay, I'd go in and check it out.  I'm glad I did.  I found these.  Regular price, $3.99.  I paid 80 cents.  Yes, 80 cents each.  Can't beat that with a stick.
Photo post cards.  You print out your photo, peel off the sticky paper on the front, and stick your photo to it.  I got 5 packages.  I should have gotten them all.  Oh well. There are 15 in each one.  I can make a lot of postcards out of my photos with these. :-)

I then went to Wegmans, a grocery store of wonderful stuff.  We grew up in Rochester, NY with Wegmans, although I have to say, they weren't anything near what they are now.  I'm SO happy they came to Virginia!  I bought a meatball sub for hubby for dinner (I had the Chinese for lunch and knew I'd be stuffed and didn't eat much for dinner).  I also bought some cheese and a fresh loaf of bread to make Panini's for dinner tonight (I use mozzarella cheese - fresh - and tomatoes, and grill them on my George Foreman grill).  Yum.  The bread is whole wheat but tastes really good!  How do I know?  Um, well, um, I took a little piece, well, ok, two little pieces, last night, with peanut butter, and that was dinner!  Hehe.
I also bought 2 muffins and 2 doughnuts for us for snacks.  Yeah yeah, my diet is down the tube.  I'll start being good again. 

When I was done at Wegmans, I went to the quilt shop, trying to find fabric to match a quilt top I'd made the day before.  Here is part of the quilt top (the rest is a surprise for when it's completed).
I know it almost looks orange, but the color above the reddish/brown isn't quite that orange.  The green is a bit darker too.  And that light color is more golden.  Lighting...ya know.  The fabrics are from 3 bundles of 5" strips I bought a year or two ago, Moda, and designer is Sandy Gervaise.  I seem to be attracted to her color schemes as this isn't the first time I've used her stuff.  I looked and looked in the quilt shop (it's not that big) and came across THIS!
It is absolutely, spot on perfect!  I couldn't believe it.  The front of the quilt will be fairly simple, with a little design element to it.  Wink wink.  ;-)  This fabric makes the back interesting, and the colors are perfect.  Guess what fabric and designer?  Yep, Moda, Sandy Gervaise.  How awesomely perfect is that?  Considering I have 3 quilt shops I can check out, and I the quilt shop I chose is the only one in that direction (living in the country, things are really spread out), I knew I HAD to find what I wanted there!  BINGO!  I'm really happy I found this.
I also found something else in their sale isle they call "the dog house." 
Guess what THIS fabric goes with?  If you read my post here,  it goes with that fabric line.  I have been keeping my eyes open for a fabric with flowers that are separated by space, so I can fussy cut them out, and use them in different ways.  I bought 2 yards, even though I wanted to buy more!  It was on sale 30% off, but if they mark it down anymore, I may go back and buy more.  I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for that.  I love love love these bright happy flowers and am going to try my hand at thread painting some of them!  They are such bright, happy colors.

Well, it's now time for dinner, so I'm off to make the sandwiches.  Hope you have a GREAT and wonderful rest of your day and week.  With the weather predicted for tomorrow, I will be upstairs working on that quilt and hopefully will have a finished project by Friday!


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Great buys! I want some of all of those things....