Thursday, June 30, 2011


This will be a quickie.  It's been a busy week and I am still recuperating.  I had company, great company.  My daughter, her hubby and baby came down Sunday.  This is the first time they've all been here together.  Yay!  Love them. They are a lovely, loving couple and that baby is my grand daughter - they just don't come any cuter!  (sorry everyone, but ya know, I'm right!)  ;-)

My husband's sister and her daughter also came for a visit from KY.  It's been 5+ years since we've seen them.  I miss them.  They used to live closer.
 They've both gone back home.  I miss them.  

We went to my daughter's on Monday, and we went out to lunch.

I did some weaving today.  I'm weaving a 25" width.  I have to use a stick shuttle because I'm using Sugar and Cream which is too thick to use on a boat shuttle without having to fill it up every 10 rows.  The reach is hurting my left shoulder.  I am going to have to get that checked out.  It seems like there is always something.....I just get feeling good, and something else falls apart!  What the heck?

It has taken me a couple of days to recover.  I went running around today with my friend Rita.  We went to Stoney Mountain Fibers.  I bought more yarn.  Guess I'll have to give Tony the receipt tomorrow.....

I'm off to bed.  I'll read some.  Then go to sleep early.  Catching up on sleep. 

Hoping to get some more weaving done with the Sugar and Cream, then go to something I can use a boat shuttle with - it's not such a reach for my left arm and I think I can handle it better.  I think I'm going to have to get a different loom.  I don't think I'll be able to weave rugs like I was hoping to.  Sad, but hey, I love weaving other things.   It's ok.  

Good night. 


Saturday, June 25, 2011


You know the saying, "One day at a time?"   Well, that's how everyone should live their lives.
Of course, that's just my opinion.
But, after having lived the life I've lived, known the people I've known, and been on this journey for as long as I have, I've sure been taught some important lessons.
Life is short - and there isn't anything anyone can do but live it one day at a time, making the BEST of it they can.  I try to live for today.  I decide what I want to do today, how I want to spend the time I have to spend, today.  Today is all we can count on and even that can end in an instant.
My husband has lost some people in his life.  He recently lost a cousin that was only a year or two younger than he.  We haven't seen this cousin in forever - more than 30 years I think.  When we got word he was sick, we were very sad.  Less than two weeks later, he was gone.  Gone from this life.  
My husband's Aunt has suffered a loss also - her only remaining living sister passed away.
Last, but not least, I lost a very important Aunt during the winter.  I can say that I did get to see her one last time a couple of summers ago, and that was a very important visit for me.  I was told, it was important to her also.  I cannot say how comforting it was knowing that I had been able to visit her then.  Because, we never know.............

I suffered a major heart attack four years ago.  I'm still dealing with the fact that I died, and was brought back.  It's easy to wonder why.
Someone on another blog that I follow, is going thru some really difficult issues with her health.  And just found out that her mom is also having some serious issues.  And they don't live near each other.  It's so difficult, and sad.  A friend of hers gave her this from St. Theresa of Lisieux, and I'm borrowing it because right now, I need it.  

"May today there be peace within.  May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.  May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.   May you be content with yourself just the way you are.  Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.  It is there for each and every one of us."

Oh, how true.  I have printed this out, with this photo above it because I love butterflies, I love lilacs, and this is one of the best photographs I've ever taken.
 I will be buying a frame for this prayer, and I will hang it in my bedroom, where every morning when I get up, I will read it before leaving the bed.  I think it's one of the best things I've ever read, and is so meaningful to me.

This photo

is one I took this morning.  The morning is perfect - it's cool, not humid and the sun is shining.  I walked out onto my front porch, and the horses are grazing peacefully together.  They were so in tandem, and with the sun and shadows, I couldn't resist taking some photos.  My horses are beautiful creatures.  People ask me why I don't get rid of them.  Well, here you go.  How can I just give up something so beautiful?  No, we don't ride them.  Yes, they cost money and keep us here on the farm instead of going away on vacations.  But when that darker horse runs up as soon as we go outside, and wants to get his nose scratched and wants to love on you, there is not anything in the world that I could change about loving these horses.  Even the lighter one, who is not a happy little horse, always has her ears pinned when a human is in sight, and snarls and bites at the air and squeals if you touch her, is still a beautiful animal.  Besides, she was my first ever horse, and taught me how to ride, and never once threw me or ran away with me.  I can't say that about any of the other horses I had!

Sometimes I gripe about being on the farm, or not being able to get away because of the animals.  But seriously, my life is so good. I have nothing to complain about.  

So today, after honey gets thru with mowing, and doing outside stuff, we are going to town.  Library, to drop off books and hopefully get a couple of more (I've been a reading fool lately), CVS for drugs, the yarn store (maybe), and maybe a ride into the city to do a little looking around.  Gotta get a frame for the prayer I printed out.  And some yarns.  Yes, I have yarns upstairs.  But I'm looking for special yarns - yarns for a special project or two.  :-)

Off I go to get ready.
I hope everyone enjoys TODAY, and lives it to the fullest.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Two in a Row!

Yep, two in a row - don't pass out.  Ha ha.

More towels from the same white 5/2 warp I used on the towels I posted about yesterday (the red and white ones).  These are green weft, one has a bit of yellow in the center. As you can see, the tops are different than the bottoms.  I used a different treadling sequence on each towel.  It was fun playing around! This one is the thickest.  It didn't look anything like this ON the loom.          
 This one is pretty cool too - the design is easy to see.
  This one is the one with the yellow in the center.  I think I did pretty well with measuring!

It's also the dog days of summer - and the summer solstice was just a few days ago.  What's with that????
Gabbi is always snuggled into a warm blanket.  It's too bad she can't relax, eh?

Evan is always at my side, and I was sitting on the couch and after taking the picture of Gabbi, I took a picture of Evan.  He had just had a bath and was all pretty.  We have hospital volunteering today.

I took the project that I was weaving off my loom, and I have re-tied the white 8/2 warp - there were 4 threading (reed) errors.  I wove with them as they added a little interest to the piece.  I'm trying REAL hard to let go of perfectionism, and work toward a type of weaving called Saori.  It's a free form weaving, it's all about the JOY of weaving.  I'm not much for perfection in my crafting....I like that sometimes something isn't perfect - because I'm not perfect.  I do like my gifts to look nice, but this project isn't a gift.  Now I have about 8 yards of white warp left on the loom, 25" wide. I'm trying to decide what to do with it.  Part of me wants to play with different stuff, the other part of me wants to do more towels, and another part of me wants to continue weaving for the project I started as I'm not sure I have enough fabric with the part I already cut off the loom.  I'm a bit busy today, so I'll have to decide later.  

My sister-in-law is arriving this weekend from Kentucky.  She and her daughter will be driving up tomorrow.  I offered for them to come here tomorrow night, then have my SIL take her daughter on to Maryland on Sunday where they will be attending a picnic.  But, the original plan was to go to MD first, they would spend the night there, then my SIL and possibly my niece would come down here on Sunday evening after the picnic.  Monday we'll be going to see the cutest kid in the world, my granddaughter!  :-)  Then, I don't know if SIL will leave Monday night or Tuesday.  It depends on what she feels like doing, and also what her daughter does (whether she comes back with us or stays in MD on Sunday).  Complicated?  Yes.  But I figure, if she wants to stay longer she will, and if she doesn't, she won't.  It's all good.

Off to get some things done..............


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missing in Action....

I have been MIA.  There has been a lot of emotional stuff going on here.  I won't go into it, no use in whining.  Many have a lot rougher things going on in their lives and mine is trivial in comparison.  It's all good.  Life goes on.  This emotional stuff is weird tho.  I look back at how I've been feeling over the last couple of months and I can't believe how bad it really was, and now, I feel like I'm looking at it like it all happened to another person.  

I've been weaving.  I had lots of trouble with this warp.  I thought I had the troubles worked out.  Come to find out, there are 4 threading (reed) errors - I have the threads doubled in the reed in four places.  It's ok.  I'm trying to be more free-form with my weaving and trying not to beat myself up over small things, and to consider the "mistakes" as "design elements" instead.  Yeah, it bothered me, but it also adds a kind of interesting concept to it all.  So it's all good.  Although, when I'm done weaving the cloth I'm weaving now, I'm going to fix the mistakes and re thread them because I do want to make some other things that I don't want the mistakes to be in as they may end up as gifts.  I might like my "free form" weaving methods, but others might not.
I had an opportunity to purchase a new, but owned by someone and never used, Wolf Pup LT.  I lost out due to some communication issues and some decisions that were made as far as spending the money.  I am sad and really see myself with a Wolf Pup LT at some point.  It's just not going to happen any time soon (again, money) and it's going to probably have to be brand new bought from a dealer.  Used ones won't come up that often.  I did have qualms about whether it would all be there as the person never did end up putting the loom together.  Anyway, I'm disappointed but hopefully, at some point, I can still get one.  I have fought with myself whether it would be good to get a Pup LT or a Baby, but I want the LT - don't ask why - I have NO idea why I want a loom with only an 18" weaving width.  But I do. 
I made some towels for my cousin. I'm not as crazy about them as I was some others I'd made, but these are her colors.  It was a birthday gift.  I will probably make more in these colors at some point so that I can send more to her, as I am not crazy about these.
I've had some issues with my camera, sometimes it takes really nice photos, and other times, it really doesn't.  I'm not sure - I play around with the exposure and settings....

I've also been making strawberry smoothies every day for hubby and I.  They are a nice, refreshing afternoon snack, and not too bad (I don't think) as far as calories.  I use frozen strawberries, some sort of juice (been lemonade up till yesterday), some Agave nector to give a little sweetness to it, and Dannon Lite and Fit Yogurt.  I don't have measurements or a recipe, I just wing it.  They come out pretty good.  Yesterday I used this Raspberry Passion juice by Minute Maid, and the flavor was a lot stronger than lemonade so after this carton is gone, I think I'll go back to the can't really taste the lemonade but this juice is VERY strong.
I usually end up drinking mine while reading whatever current book from the library I'm reading, after I've been upstairs weaving.  It's hot upstairs, and I can only stay up there for a bit at a time.
Yesterday I had to reorganize my craft room.  I wanted to get another bookcase up there.  I had cleaned out my laundry/pantry room the day before and I had condensed things in there, and emptied out a bookcase to use up in the craft room - and it is now holding all of my yarns.  The other smaller bookcase is holding the tools.  Its much better now.  I love being able to see everything out in the open - it gives me inspiration to get a lot more projects done!

That's about it for today. I'll try to be better about coming back more regularly and posting more about my weaving, which is what I wanted this blog to be about!  I hate moodiness - throws a glitch into my life!!!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Have I's HOT out.  The air is so stinkin heavy.  It isn't fun.  Bad air quality.  I'm trying to stay in as much as possible.  It was 99 today, with an even higher heat index.
On a good note, the septic distribution box is fixed.  To the tune of $2750.  $350 of that was for cleaning out the septic tank.  We are getting reimbursed for $2250.  Yay!  It was Verizon's fault, they admitted it, so we get the money back for that.
Tomorrow, Thursday, I get to go babysit again.  Jia and I are gonna PARTY!  :-)  It's just she and I for a few hours.  I'll bring my book, in case she poops out on me.  LoL.  From what I heard, she's been partying pretty much all the time.
It's going to be really hot again tomorrow.  ICK.  I95 in the heat. Not a good time but worth it for the fun I'll have with Jia!
Went to lunch today with friends.  Went to Ikea cuz it was too hot to do anything that involved being outside. I got a couple of goodies.  I'll take photos later on.
I used a mandolin to slice some potatoes last night, and I ended up slicing off the top portion of my fingernail on my forefinger.  OUCH.  It bled some.  It's VERY sensitive.  It'll take awhile for that nail to grow back.  I'm keeping it covered.  I won't make that mistake again.  The stupid thing is, I had the little veggie holder out to use, but didn't use it soon enough.
I got some warp wound today.  I'm looking at it and wondering if it's going to be long enough to go on my big loom.  I am wondering if I'll have to take it off, and possibly add some to it so I don't run out. I'm using crochet thread and want to try to make a top. We'll see.....
I'm still looking for a dress form, that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg (ha ha).  I can get one from Joanns for $100, but don't want to spend that much.  I found one on Craigslist close by, but it was already sold.  Darn!  Only $30 too!  Geesh.
Today was a good day.  I'm still working on my attitude.  So many people have it so much rougher than I do.  I can't figure out what exactly is driving this moodiness.  It sucks tho.
Off to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  Missed parts of it writing this.
Good night! :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Today is Monday, June 6th, 2011.  I have been married to my hubby for 36 years.  Good Lord!  We met on May 1st, 1975.  On May 21st, he proposed to me.  We married on June 6th, 1975.  No one thought it would last.  Ha ha.  Last laugh and all that.
I have been replacing the heddles on Lulu.  The ones that were on there were so filthy that every time I touched them, I got black dirt on me.  ICK.  I ordered them 100 at a time, but the last 2 bunches, I got 500 at a time.  I will have 250 on each of four shafts.  I hope that's enough.  If not, I haven't thrown away the old ones.  Maybe I can wipe them down, and put them back on if I need them.  But I don't plan on doing anything very fine and large.  Fine threads aren't my favorite to work with.  8/2 is about as thin as it gets for me.  Call me chicken.
Actually, I just want to have FUN with my weaving.  It has progressed from doing towels, and table runners, to wanting to do some things that may, or may not, work out for me.
I'm going to have to decide if I want to try the rug weaving, or make some fabric to turn into clothing. 
We went to JoAnns Fabric and Crafts today, to look at their dress forms.  They were expensive.  And not very well made, not what I expected for $219.  I had a 50% off coupon.  I decided against the dress form.
I have other things I want.  Besides, when I was looking online, I found a way to make a dress form that is exactly what your body is.  Maybe, if I have a dress form shaped just like my body, and I have to stare at it every day and try to fit woven fabric to it to make clothing, I'll actually LOSE weight.  Maybe it's the jolt I need.  I have to have help making the dress form tho, so getting together with my friend is going to be tricky as she has a busy schedule the next two weeks, then she goes away for a week!
The other thing I want is a Wolf Pup loom.  There is a used one on Ravelry.  It's in PA.  The lady said she's willing to wait to sell it to me.  It's new - never been used, only a year old.  She never even got it put totally together.  I'm excited.  But I have to come up with $850.  So a yard sale is in the works.  I have some things to sell.  Maybe, if I can get half, I can get the other half from hubby and I won't feel guilty.  If I told him I really wanted this loom, he'd let me have it.  If you've read my blog, you know we have a big expense in the works with getting the septic distribution box fixed.....but hoping that we'll get reimbursed for it thru a claim.  We'll see.  I'm holding positive thoughts.
The other thing I need is a work station to do my hand-made cards at.  I MISS making my cards!  I want to get back to it.  But I don't want to spend a lot of money doing this work station.  Maybe, if I get back to the cards, I won't enjoy it as much as I think I did, and I'll get rid of a lot of the stuff at the yard sale.  So for now, I guess I just need to make space, make some cards, and send them out and see how I feel about it.  Not sure I love the rubber stamps anymore.  I do like using photographs for cards.  I like papers.  I would love a die cut machine, but again, I don't want to spend the money on one. So that's out.  Unless by some miracle someone is selling one really cheap at some point. 
I do wish hubby liked going yard sale searching.  He doesn't.   But then again, I can't blame him as I need to get rid of a LOT of the junk in the basement now, and maybe then, finding things I really want would be something he'd be willing to do.
So there it is.  I need a job.  LoL. Not sure I could handle a job, but there is one in the paper I might put effort forth to apply for.  Problem is, in bad weather, I couldn't get to it.  Everything is too far away.  But I'd love some spending money.  Now, if I could make money doing my crafts, I'd be one happy camper!
Anywho, I got half of my new heddles onto the shafts.  I may go up now and do the other half.  Hubby is watching hockey.  Oh boy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today was a good day.  It didn't start out that way - I was in one of "those" moods.  I thought when I hit menopause, I'd stop being so moody and having PMS.  HA!  
But, I sat in my room, did some visualization, and I felt better.  I told myself, I am sunshine.  I immediately felt happier!  I have tried to carry that thru the day.
After showering and getting ready to go to a picnic later, I sat at my rigid heddle loom, and I finished off the colorful warp that was on there:
It is 87" long (if my math is right) and 17" wide.  Before washing.  It's 100% cotton so it WILL shrink.  It is in the washer right now, in hot wash cold rinse.  I sewed each end so it wouldn't come unraveled.  It's not perfect. There are booboos in it.  I don't care.  It's for me.  I love the colors and even tho I don't know exactly what I'll make, I'll be happy with it!  I could make a ruana, or I could make place mats.  I could make a tote.  That was the original plan.  It might change. 
I'm going to sell my rigid heddle loom. I dislike weaving on it.  Because it was the least expensive loom to buy at the time I wanted to weave, I bought it.  Now, I hope I can get a couple of hundred dollars for it but we'll see.  I saw someone else was selling one on Craigslist for over $300.  She has a carrying bag with it, I don't.  But I do have everything else that goes with it.
I have spotted a used Wolf Pup LT loom for sale, on Ravelry.  I want that loom.  It's new.  Not used.  Being sold by someone that bought it a year ago, but hasn't used it and probably won't.  YES!  It's a lot less than new.  I'd be happy with the 18" weaving width for a lot of things.  It wouldn't have to have a long warp on it either.  Or it can have.  It has 4 shafts and 6 treadles.  I can do 4 shaft designs on it, or, I can do simple designs on it.  I can't afford a Saori loom, but, I could afford this.
That all depends tho....I have to sell some things, and ask hubby for the money.  With the septic issues going on this week (see previous post if you want to read the depressing news), which will cost over $2000, I hate to ask.  But gosh, I don't know if I can pass up this deal.....the loom is in PA, and the seller will be as far South as Frederick Maryland the end of the month.  I can drive there!  It's a beautiful drive.  That's where the MD Sheep and Wool Festival was held that I attended not long ago.  

I am currently the hostess for a table mat exchange.  Having all the mats sent to me, I've had an awesome time seeing what everyone has done.  So many different ways to weave red, white and blue!  I am going to take photos when the last one arrives (hopefully Monday) and I will post here.  Then I get to split them up, and send them to their new owners.  So much FUN!  :-)
Today we also went to a picnic for the therapy dog group.  It was fun.  Hubby went.  There was a pool in the back yard, and I dunked my legs.  I didn't take a bathing suit.  I won't be caught in public in one right now.  But it sure felt good on my legs!  I told the woman who owns the pool and who's home the picnic was at, that if at any time she want's company to be in the pool with, to call me, I'd be right over!  LoL
The heat and the sun got too much for me.  At one point, I had to go indoors.  I can't take the heat like I used to.  Not that I was ever good at taking it.  But it affects me more now.  Stupid heart issues.
We didn't take the dogs.  We ate too much good food.  There were even home made whoopie pies!  They were yummmmmmm!  I have a recipe of my mothers, but I haven't used it.  Might have to give it a go.
Being out in the sunshine sure helps my moods.  I heard that the middle of the week is going to be unbearably hot - near 100. NOT good. On Weds I'm supposed to go with my good friend to meet up with some other ladies we used to work with at a veterinarian clinic.  We're supposed to have a picnic lunch outside of the Lorton Workhouse, which used to be a prison and is now an artists' work place.  It's awesome to see all the art work - and there are weavers there too!  My favorite part.  We'll see how that goes.
Thursday I'm supposed to babysit again.  I don't know how long I'll be able to continue to babysit.  The condo is dark, and very warm.  It's so tiny.  The trip is long.  And it's very tiring on me.  All I do is sit when I'm there.  There's no room to move around.  And the schedule isn't working too well for my daughter.  I don't get there early enough, and I leave too early.  It puts a strain on her, on her hubby, and on the entire day in general.  I think they are going to have to find another source of babysitting soon.  I do wish I was closer, but that's not going to happen.  It is what it is.

Edited to add:  I do love my daughter, and my granddaughter more than words can tell.  I will do anything I can for them.  I wasn't complaining in the paragraph above.  I know that this babysitting gig is not forever, and part of me is very sad about that because I do NOT want to lose touch with my granddaughter.  I love that she still smiles when I show up, and she cuddles with me, and loves me.  I don't get to see her as much as her other Grandma, but I know that I have a special bond with her.  I hope that will never change!

Currently reading Infinite Possibilities, The Art Of Living Your Dreams, by Mike Dooley. I am enjoying it.  
Weaving happy

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been MIA.  There have been some things going on around here, and I think I let them overwhelm me sometimes.  That's ok. I survive.

Yesterday I took the dogs to get their teeth cleaned.  I went to get my hair cut.  A distraction.  My hair is really short.  I asked for it.  I don't think hubby really likes it, but it's my hair.  I'm the one that was feeling dragged down and like I was wearing a football helmet.  Too much.

The dogs did fine.  Gabbi, the Maltese, the baby, she spent last night coughing all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It was 1:30 a.m. and it was driving me nuts knowing she was not feeling well, and also that she was keeping me awake.  I finally got up, took Gabbi and Evan (the Papillion) and went into the living room, on the reclining love seat.  I took 2 pillows.  Left hubby in the bedroom to sleep.  I didn't sleep much, and was very uncomfortable.  Within 10 minutes, Gabbi was sleeping soundly with no more coughing. Yes, she has my number.  By the way, the dogs sleep on the floor in the bedroom, but they have it really good in there.  There are several dog beds, with an old store-bought quilt over them, and they each have their own flannel blankie.  So they don't suffer.

Gabbi is much better today.

On another note, we have had some issues with our septic tank - well, that's not entirely the story - the septic tank is fine.  But, the distribution box is not.  After noticing a sunken hole about eighteen inches wide with water in it (sometimes stinky water), I brought it to hubby's attention about a month ago.  He finally called someone to come check it out.  They did a bit of digging last week, and they said the distribution box is crushed.  Huh?  How the heck did that happen?  Who knows.....they'd be back in a week.   They were supposed to be here yesterday but there was an emergency they went to yesterday (someone in much worse shape than us).  They were coming today.  They showed up at 8:00 - just as I had fallen to sleep in the bedroom.  The digging was taking place right outside the bedroom window.  So I got up, threw cold water on my face, and got dressed.....feeling like I had a hangover.  Not fun.

Pretty soon, hubby came in the house and checked the phone lines.  Oops, the phone line had been cut.  Bummer!  He went back outside after giving me the paperwork with the number to call for repair.  I called.  It'll be next Tuesday before the phone is repaired.  Wow, really?  Yes, we live in the boonies, and there aren't many repair people out here.  We've waited a week before to get the phone lines fixed, but that was when they weren't even at our house - the problem was in town!  

Pretty soon, hubby came back in the house.  He asked for the camera.....uh, that can't be good.  I was right.  The phone company, back 20 years ago when the house was built, had dug the ditch to bury the line, right over the distribution box and the pipes that lead out from the box, distributing (hence the name) the icky water to the drain fields.  The stupid part is, the phone line comes from the direction of the front of the house.  Then it goes beyond the back of the house, and U turns back to connect to the house.  Not the smartest thing I've ever seen.  

Hubby comes in and calls the phone company again.  He gets a really RUDE lady on the phone, and tries to explain what we need - first off, when the repair man comes to repair the line, he needs to bring the proper equipment to dig a new hole to put the line into.  We can't have the line over the distribution box.   Secondly, when he comes, he needs to bring a supervisor or someone so they can see the damage.  She rudely tells us that a supervisor won't come and she can't control whether or not the repair person brings the equipment to dig with.  So we ask her for a way to find out if we can get compensated.  She says hold on....a few minutes later (burning up our cell phone minutes) she comes back and gives us a number to call.  Great.  Then hubby asks her if we can have our phone calls forwarded to the cell phone.  Now mind you, when you call, you have to give them name, address and other information.  What does she say?   We have to give her our account number or tell her what the last paid bill amount was.  REALLY?  Seriously?  Good Lord.  So we give her the info, and the cell phone drops the call!!!!!!!!!  Now you know, they can tell what number you're calling from.  Did we get a call back from her?  Heck no!  No surprise there.

I made the next call.  I wrote down the questions, and asked hubby what he wanted me to get done, and I dialed the number.  Got someone else (third person).  She can see the ticket that says we have a phone out.  I tell her that I need to update that ticket to include that we need the phone line moved, as well as repaired.  She asked why.  I gave her the spiel.  She was pretty nice in the end about helping me.  I got the ticket updated, and we were able to get the story straight, and I explained to her that without the phone line moved, we can't get the septic repaired.  The phone line is right IN the pipe leading out of the distribution box.  

Hubby was able to call the # the lady he spoke to gave him to put in a claim.  It's a government office and the woman was VERY nice.  We told her (on speaker phone) that we appreciated her kindness.  Hopefully the company that covers the claim will send someone out and see the mess, before the company comes back to fix the distribution box.  That will be next week, Tues or Weds (that the septic repair people will be back).  The claim person might be out next week - who knows.  We have photos tho.

I don't know how all this is going to turn out.  I'm praying that Verizon will pay us for the damage, as it will cost about $2200 or more.  Ugh.  On top of the dogs costing more yesterday than we planned on.  Prices going up all over I guess.  

I have some weaving photos.  Only a couple.  This first one is a towel in a set that I'm weaving for my Sister-in-Law, who's coming to visit at the end of the month.  I like this pattern very much.  It's fun, fast, and easy.  Its a simple tie up - shaft one to treadle one, shaft two to treadle two, etc.  I have a four shaft loom.  The threading is 4,3, 2, 1 (from the back of the loom).  The weaving is plain weave (treadle 1 &3, then treadle 2 & 4).  Do that for 18 rows.  The "arrow" portion is woven with shaft 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 4.  I'm using my double shuttle which I love because weaving goes REAL fast with it.

This is what's under the loom, on the cloth beam - the previous towels I wove:  See the hint of yellow and red?  Have I mentioned, I love using a white warp because you can make the towels ANY color?  :-)

And then there is this, the warp on the rigid heddle loom.  I have neglected it sorely.  I'm going to bring this loom downstairs today so when I'm down here, I have no excuse not to work on it (and the reason I have time to work on it, later).  This is the kind of weaving I love to do - simple in weave, but colorful.  I started this thinking I'd be making a tote bag.  I don't know if it will be that in the end or not!  But that's ok.  The only thing is that I'm not crazy about weaving on the rigid heddle loom. My plan is to sell it and put that money away.  I want to buy a Wolf Loom, or, if I could afford it, possibly a Saori loom.  We'll see.  Problem with that is, selling this little loom will hardly be a drop in the bucket to getting enough money together to get another loom.  So we'll see.............

My main plan is to use Lulu, the Leclerc floor loom, for rag rug and rag bag making.   The other loom(s) hehe would be for making stuff.  One of my projects is going to be working on a piece that is made from all different types of yarn, and making either a mobious scarf or even a vest or small jacket.  I don't know how much I'll have to make it with.  I'll weave the fabric and then figure it out.  How much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to get it started.  

The other thing going on is that I've not been feeling well. I've been extremely emotional, I've been very tired, I have a constant lump in my throat, my allergies are acting up (which I'm convinced is what the lump is about), and I generally have been in a slump.  The weather has been awful - just so hot and humid.  Today was finally better, but I was too exhausted to care.  I can't seem to find a good place mentally to be in  and it's getting worse.  I hate feeling this way - it sucks all my energy and I feel much worse than usual.  I have tried Allegra Non Drowsy - but it made me tired.  I have a tendency to react to medicine the opposite of what it's meant to do to you.  I never said I was normal.  At night I still take one and a half Benadryl - it knocks me out (thank goodness) and I get a good night's sleep, along with almost no snoring.  But I do feel a bit sluggish in the mornings.  I learned to deal with that tho.  It's the rest of it that is making me crazy.  I need a therapist.  But can't afford one.  I need to get weaving so that's my therapy.
That's about it for me and this post.  Nothing like going missing for awhile, then blabbering on and on.  But it's my place to blabber............

More another day when I'm up to it.

Weavin happy.