Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing room

Ok, so here is my sewing room, as it's set up now.  It's been rearranged several times (feels like 100).  I *think* that I'm set now.....I do need to find a small table to make my cards on.........but I'll figure that out.  Everything else has come to me as I need it. Thank you Universe!  :-)

These are the two tables that I use for ironing and cutting and laying out and sandwiching the quilts.  Of course, it can't be a really large quilt.  LOL.  I have them covered in batting and duck cloth.  I had clamps holding the batting and duck cloth on, but the clamps kept snapping off because the back side of the tables are not smooth - they are bumpy.  Who knew.

This is my new sewing table.  I really like it.  I got it from All Brands dot com.  The legs fold up under it if you want to take it someplace else.  The sewing machine fits down inside.  The last time I sewed with a machine down inside a cabinet was on my mother's White sewing machine that had it's own wooden cabinet.  I sure wish I'd inherited that!  Anyway, I now have this and it makes a world of difference to have everything level.  Even if I get another machine, and it doesn't fit this cabinet - I'll get another cabinet it DOES fit in!  

This is my design wall - which I plan on enlarging.  I will find another piece of flannel on sale, or, I'll just hang up a large piece of batting.  For now, this is working.  This is the view from my sewing machine.

This is the veiw from the t.v.  

This is the view from the top!  My sewing machine and table.  :-)

This is my free motion quilting.  I am new at this, so it's interesting to do.  But I obviously need LOTS of practice.

Ok, so my next post will have other pics.  :-)

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