Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ya know, I really LOVE photographing nature.  I just wish I were better at it.  But I like doing it and thats not anything to stress over! :-)

 This is my favorite!  The wings in motion. I want to try to get more of these.

Below are some photos of flowers I took - I like the shadows on them:

These are in a basket in front of the porch.

This is my first tomato of the season!  It's ripening up in the kitchen window.

This is Evan, my amazing wonder dog. He's such a good little man!

And this is the "nature" that took place across the street from our home on Thurs and Friday.  ICK.  I hate
when they spread this stuff.  Stinky!  Luckily the wind has been blowing the other way and now it's tilled into the ground so not so stinky.  Farm life!  Ugh.

So that's about it for now.....more tomorrow.  Time to go and knit and watch some t.v. (and maybe have some ice cream....yum).

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