Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knit, Crochet, Sew!

Yes, I'm managing to do them all - I've started knitting, and I'm crocheting at the same time - well, not at the SAME time, but I have 2 projects going at once.
I also tried to do some free motion quilting today.  How interesting!

I got a new sewing table and it's working SEW well!  I really am glad I spent the money on that.  I like how everything is level.  I'm getting used to it being lower than it was.  And if I arrange things well, then I'll be able to quilt quite a bit.  Of course, my quilting needs a LOT of improvement.

I'm really excited to take a class on Friday - learning how to use the Long Arm machine at That Little Quilt Shop in Madison.  I tried long arms at the quilt show a couple of weekends ago, and I had SEW much fun!  Honestly, I just need lots of practice to get better.  I love it - it is mesmerizing to me.  I could do it for hours I think.  I got pretty into the fmq upstairs on my little machine.  I seriously think it's easier on the long arms, but maybe that's my imagination.  LOL

The knitting is coming along.  I'll try tomorrow morning to do the decreases the pattern is now requiring.  I've had to tear it out at least 20 times (at least it seems like 20 times - it MUST be close to that) and start over, but I've learned a ton of stuff by doing that.  Good thing I'm stubborn.......ha ha.

Tomorrow I will work on the knitting, and after the dr appt, I'll work on my sewing.  Oh, tonight I tried out my strip tube ruler.  I still have to work really hard at getting it to be right and wasted some fabric.  I hate wasting fabric!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  But, it was fabric from Wal Mart, so at least it isn't my best fabric.  I'll get really good at this first, then, I can use really good fabric to try again.

Off to dream land.

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