Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good finds

So, gh Tony decided to do some cleaning up in the basement a few days ago.  He called me down before going to the dump (amazing!) and of course I had to rescue something from the dump pile.  I hate letting go of things.  Anyway, I decided that I would look thru a few bins with things from the past.  Past crafting that is.

I opened one bin and there were some of the earrings and pins I'd made previously.  Hmmm, they are kinda cute!  So I took all the earrings out and decided I'd bring them upstairs and wear them.  Heck, they are just hanging around anyway!  They ought to be hanging around on ears!  I wore a pair today - and they matched my shirt perfectly.  Even better, someone in Dollar Tree asked me where I got them, and I said, I made them!  :-)

Can you see them?  Not really.....................................

Here you can see them a little better.  Don't they match my shirt perfectly?

They are a bit large, but they aren't at all heavy.

Can YOU tell what they are made from?  Betcha can't.....................

So here is some fabric that I found in a bin....and totally forgot that I had it.  What a GREAT find!!!!

This fabric has bears and kittens and horses.

And this is Christmas fabric!!!  Lots of it!

There is more, but the colors didn't come our right when I photographed them.  I will re-photograph them and put them in next time around.

I did some sewing on my Bow Tucks bag today but my back is hurting.  So I only did about an hour and a half.  I hope to get back up there for a couple of hours tomorrow morning.  I want to finish it.

Then Thursday I'll go up and help Jenn.

Off to feed the dogs - they are complaining they haven't eaten yet.  Then to check the chicken and veggies baking in the oven.  I'm hungry!

More later.

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