Monday, June 14, 2010


I love watching the Food Network.  There is also the Cooking Channel now, which used to be FLN.  I was watching yesterday, and Giada DeLaurentas (sp?) was on, and she made Paninis.  I love that kind of sandwich. She made hers with Mozzarella cheese, and raspberry jam.  That wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so when we went shopping, I got the cheese, and I already had beefsteak tomatoes here at the house that really needed to be used.  I also bought a loaf of round bread, which I believe is called Boule. 

I sliced the bread into about 3/4 inch slices - they have to be somewhat thick.  I used only the center slices, which are large enough to make a nice sandwich.  The rest of the smaller slices, I froze - mostly because the bread had a purchase date of today.  I find I love freezing bread and using it in unusual things sometimes.  Or, just take it out, toast it, and put peanut butter on it!  :-)

Anyway, I got out my George Foreman grill (its only the small one that we purchased when they first came out - gotta love that little grill!), and I heated it up.  I took out the cheese, and the tomato.  Also some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I turned the slices so the outsides were facing up.  I drizzled the olive oil over the tops of the outsides.   I sliced the cheese into thick enough slices to not fall apart when picking them up.  Sliced the tomatoes pretty thick too - afterall, they had to stand up to the cheese.  I layered the tomato slices, and the cheese, onto one of the INSIDE slices of bread - the side without the oil - and then set the other bread on top, with the oiled side out.  I placed the sandwich on the grill, and closed the cover.  About a minute later, I checked it.  OMG, it was golden brown and SO yummy looking.  I took it off the grill and set the next one on.  I sliced the finished sandwich in half, and served with chips. 

When the second one was done grilling, I removed it and sliced it. This one was mine.  I let it cool because I was busy at the time, and when I sat down to eat it, it was so delicious!  I WILL be doing this again, soon!  It was a yummy summer sandwich and filling and so good.  It really hit the spot too.  And simple!  Give it a try. 


mainer said...

Will you make one for me????Sounds yummy.

MarthaVA said...

Sure, in October when you are here. Just remind me! LOL