Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi there.  I have a few more photos that I took today to share with you. 
Bird on a fence
Peak a boo - can you find the Cardinal???
Close up - really close up!
I have more but won't bore you.

I have one lap quilt that I did finish quilting yesterday. I need to order more of the fabric as I didn't order enough.  Darn!  I have to have enough for the binding.  I KNEW I should have ordered another half yard!

That's about it - I wanted to wind a warp, but this day has been so beautiful that I keep walking outside and spending time out there.  Pretty soon, it'll be dinner time, and then we watch t.v. for the evening.  As a dear friend reminded me recently, sitting and watching t.v. with my hubby is a special time for us.....she knows -she lost her hubby a couple of years ago.   So she reminds me to cherish the good times.

Tomorrow my daughter, grand daughter, and daughter's significant other are coming down to try to get the motorcycle running.  I get to see the grand baby in MY house this time!  Ought to be fun as she hasn't been here since she started walking, and we have the dogs, the cat, the horses....oh my!   The weather isn't supposed to be great but that's ok.  We (the baby and I) can stay inside!  LoL

Sunday I'm going to Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria VA to their little fiber festival.  This is the second year of it and this year it's two days!  I hope they have a good turnout so they can continue to have it.  Maybe, if I'm good and productive (If I keep having days like today this will never happen....), I can get some things made and maybe next year, I could have a small table there and sell them! (my weaving)

Next week is already shaping up to be quite busy for me, so I need to plan my time, get some more sewing done, get my weaving started, and get moving!

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and I'll be back with more soon. 


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Lydia La La said...

Hi Martha. I have just read your comment on

and know exactly what you mean about the squeaky chair and phone conversations!! Maybe you could wheel the chair outside one day and give it a good spray with WD40. For the other, have you ever thought of an iPod and earphones as you go about the house??
Best wishes.