Monday, April 16, 2012

Camera fun

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, but a little humid.  No rain unfortunately.
After walking with the dogs, helping the dog trainer move a couple of tents around on the property, and having a snack inside, we left there, brought the dogs home, changed and washed up, and went back into town.  We had some groceries to pick up.
When we got done in town, we came home and it was already mid-afternoon.  We just chilled and took it easy.  I caught up on things online, and watched some t.v.  I got chilly (when the air is on in the summer, and I'm not doing much, I tend to get cold) so I went outside on the porch and took the dogs and the camera.
I found my macro button.  I played with the light settings.  I also played with some of the other settings.  I have found that I like the Auto Mode as it's my friend and makes pictures better. :-)

These are my absolute FAVORITE tho................
With no Exposure Compensation  Black faces are hard to catch the light!
Played with the Exposure Compensation

The most beautiful face in the world!
I love you mommy!

The breeze kicked up and.....

The squirrel was moving!

Gabbi Girl - she loves to lay in the grass on warm days

The porch is a GREAT place to sit to see lots of opportunities for photographing.
Above, you can see I played with the Exposure Compensation.  It was good for getting Evans face to lighten up, but it wasn't so good overall. 
I need a LOT of practice - learning how to adjust and play with all the functions the camera is capable of.
OH, one thing I DID do was put the camera setting on PC Mode for the photo size.  I didn't have to resize any of the photos to put here.  That was nice.  I'm not sure what that does to my photos or if it affects what I do when I print.  Does anyone else know?  Maybe I need a really good book on digital point and shoot cameras for dummies?

I also found the Macro button:
Pansy on Macro

Macro Pansy
Again, have a LOT to learn.....

Can you see the squirrel in the tree?

I decided to link up to And Then She Snapped to show off my favorite photo!  

Yesterday morning I saw the most beautiful Cardinal I've ever seen.  Huge.  Red.  Just beautiful.  I did not, however, have my camera and when I came in the house to get it, the dogs started barking up a storm outside, and scared it away.  DH says that he has seen it on the fence in the back.  I'm going to have to take my camera, and a chair, and NO dogs, and just sit outside to see if he comes back.  That will make one GORGEOUS card - IF I can get the shot!   When I saw it yesterday, it was sitting in the pine tree.  What a GREAT shot that would be for Christmas (yeah, well, there won't be any snow in the photo but who cares?).

At any rate, I had fun, it was relaxing, and I love using my camera - especially when I get the settings right!  I'm hoping to get some more photos today, but I have to bathe the little Gabbi Girl as she got into something yesterday and is a dirty mess!  She also needs another haircut.  Neither of us likes doing it, but she really doesn't like the groomer, so it's a toss up as to what's worse.  I don't like her to suffer but she hates her hair long - even if she is a full bred Maltese!  No one told HER that her hair is beautiful when it's long and flowing!  She is NOT a prissy girl in that way. LOL

Well, enough fun for this morning.  I really need to get moving and get some other things done.  The only things on my schedule this week are babysitting on Weds, and visiting with Jan on Thursday.  :-)  I'm looking forward to both.  But I'm also looking forward to some days at home and getting back to crafting!

Have yourself a fantabulous day!


Judee said...

Love the breeze blowing on Evan. All of these photos are great. You are getting good! As for the setting, when you want to have a photo commercially printed, they may say the resolution is not good enough but if you have it printed anyway, it comes out ok. That's all I know.

rachel said...

thanks so much for showing off your shot!