Monday, April 23, 2012

Not a move, but like a move

Um, well, first off, I'm not loving this new Blogger look and format.  Of course, I know it's just a matter of getting used to it......but I do NOT like it.

This past weekend we were quite busy.  We have been in our home for 7 years.  It has taken me that long to adjust.  I just realized this but hey, I've always said, I'm a slow learner.  Sigh....
I have been really into photography lately (in case no one noticed).  Last week I went to Jan's house and took some photos of a beautiful flower arrangement she'd been given. I loved the photos so much, I decided to print them off.  They weren't quite as vibrant on paper as on my computer screen.  I guess I'll have to learn to manipulate photos!
Anyway, I printed off my favorites and when we went thru the city on our way from Ikea, we stopped at AC Moore arts and craft shop, and picked up frames and hangers.  I really love the heavy look of the black frames.  What do you think?

I had some other things on the wall, for 7 years, then about 2 weeks ago I looked at them and realized i hated down they came!  I love my photography and I want to show it!  I can't enjoy it if it's sitting inside my computer, right?

So this is what we got from Ikea:

The white and wood cabinet is what is new.  It's sitting kind of like an island but up against the wall.  If I put it directly under the window with the back to the wall, it leaves more open space in the kitchen.  I'm trying it this way first....but have a feeling I need to try it the other way for awhile too.  Just to see which one works for me best.  It has SOOOOO much space in it tho.  That's what I needed.  My kitchen cabinets are crap - they don't hold a whole lot and it's awkward getting stuff in and out of the bottom ones.  I looked at this new one and seriously thought, maybe we should take out all the old cabinets, and put this type in, in it's place.  I can't afford an entire kitchen re-do.  It's tempting..........

Anyway, I'm pleased.

I also have a new dining room table and chairs.  I'd had the other set since 1989, and I finally got tired of it.  Too big for us.  Too much for us.  We don't entertain hardly at all, and my friend was getting rid of her table and chairs, and it's the EXACT set I'd been wanting.  I got it free.  Can't beat that!  I'm going to try to sell the other set at our yard sale I plan on having in May.
Here's the new dining area:
There is a leaf for it so it can get much larger.  There are also a couple of more chairs.  I believe it can seat 6 at least.  But I love it. 
I had a little white table in my kitchen, and that is sitting in the corner now, with a table cloth over it.  It looks very quaint.
In the very left side of this photo above, you can see a light wood - that's the china cabinet that went with the old dining set.  I need to get something to replace it but am hoping for something that will look more country and will go with the eclectic feel of the house (that I'm trying to achieve).  The current china cabinet is full of stuff, even tho I got rid of a lot of it.  I don't know what I'll put there yet.  I'm keeping my eyes open.
If you see in the photo above, I have a little heart shaped mirror and 2 sconces next to it - and the mirror is reflecting light in the shape of a heart on the wall.  :-)  I also love my lace curtains. I got the lace when we were living in Germany and I carry those curtains everywhere with me!

So I'm very pleased with how the house is coming together - even tho it's taken me 7 years!  Finally, I feel like I'm getting comfortable here. It was very  much like moving, but we didn't change homes - just the view inside the home!

Today I have lunch with the girls - and we always have a good time.

We've finally had some very much needed rain.  Luckily, we haven't gotten the snow but it's not far away - up in the mountains, just West of us, and up North thru PA and NY.  I'm just grateful it's only rain here!  Cold, but rain is good, snow is NOT - not this time of year!

Busy week this week so off I go to get moving on my projects.  A quilt to be quilted, and I need to get a warp on the loom, and I babysit on Weds.  A dr. appt tomorrow for my 6 month post-op checkup.  Praying all is well.....................

Have a great week!


Judee said...

Lucky you to get that dining set for free! It's looking good there.

Peggy said...

I agree with you about the new blog look. Nice photos and I really like the black frames! How cool to get the dining set for free and it looks REALLY nice :)