Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey there.  Yep, it's me again. I know, don't fall over....
I was able to get some good flower photos yesterday.  I really am trying to move away from flowers, and toward other subjects, but the flowering bushes are SO beautiful in spring.........sigh.......

So here they are:
This bush is in the front of our property, behind our mailbox.  When you drive up the main road before turning onto our road, you can see this bush for about a week in spring - from a mile back.  It's SO pretty!  The close ups came out well so I chose to use this photo today as the entire bush hasn't bloomed out yet.  The bad part about white is, when it start dying out, it's pretty ugly!

White beauties
This is a wider shot of the same bush.  Look at all the blooms that haven't even opened yet!
More of the bush
The lady that built this house planted a ton of azaleas ~ they aren't my favorite, but they are pretty enough.  Some more than others.

The pink bush out in front also.  Huge flowers!
 My favorite of all time - because of the smell and the color! PURPLE!  :-)

And just because I love them, another shot.
More lilacs
I like how the flowers are hanging.  I think it's because we've been getting freezes at night and the bushes are having a difficult time holding up. 

I came home from walking the dogs at the trainers yesterday, and as I parked the car, the birds were here.  I couldn't resist.
Love birds
A bird in a bush is worth 2 in the hand?  Or do I have that backwards???  lol
Bird in a bush
That's about it for me for now. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Judee said...

Great photos. See ya later...