Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope you are enjoying this day, if you celebrate Easter or not!
We went for a walk at the trainer's place.  There is a hill.  We walk down, we walk around, then we walk UP.  It's really UP.

Hill to the left
This is the hill, facing left from the bottom - actually, I wasn't at the very bottom....

Center of the hill
This is the hill in the center.  It's really the steepest part I think.---->

Hill to the right

This is the hill to the right.  It's a very large pasture - used to be for horses.  Now it's for dogs.  I love it!

Pack walk
The pack, walking ---->

Evan (the cute black and white one)

The dogs love it.  I love it.  It's a good walk.  I can only do this walk as long as it's cool outside.  I wear layers.  By the time I'm done walking up that hill at the end, I've usually stripped down to the bottom layer which is usually a short sleeved shirt. 
Then we sit on the picnic tables and rest. 

It's nice.  Friends.  Dogs walking off leash.  Sunshine.  When it gets hot, I'll be hitting the gym and doing my walking without the dogs. 
But for now, we're enjoying this!!!

I hope you guys had as nice a day as I did.

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