Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where does the time go???

This week, I'd planned on getting a LOT done.  Yeah, right.  Ha ha.
It has flown by and here it is Thursday already!
I haven't finished some of the projects I'd planned on doing.
But, I did get to babysit yesterday (no new pics - that little girl is BUSY).
I also got to START the leash and halter project I wanted to make.  If I can get it finished this morning today, I will be happy!
No quilting work has been done.
No weaving has been done.
I did, however, go to my friends Jan's house on Monday.  The weather wasn't 100% great, but it got better as the day went on.  Jan is watching three of our friend/dog trainer's dogs while she is at dog training camp for 5 days. She's instructing there.  The same camp I want to go to - maybe - next Spring.  At any rate, the dogs are all lovely and I had fun photographing them after we had a simple lunch of chicken salad and chips!  Oh, and those chocolate chunk cookies for dessert!  :-)

The following photos are only a few of what I took that day.  I just don't have time today to put them all up, and I want to spread out the posts.  So enjoy!
Old Canoe


Cute perch

Modern with a view


Single family home
Jan has all these wonderful birdhouses all over the place.  I just fell in love with them.  I couldn't get enough! 

Today I'm going out to the dog trainers place to walk my dogs off leash.  We haven't been all week (my plan had been to go on Monday and Tues, today and tomorrow).  The dogs LOVE it.  It's good for all of us.  It's cool today with a slight breeze but sunny - good weather for me to walk.  Pollen is horrible - everything is green.  I have been taking Clariton and at first I didn't think it was helping.  I still get icky stuff in my throat, and nose, but haven't been sneezing or choking half as much as I was at first.  I'm not totally allergy symptom free, but I'm happy enough with the results.

I need to go get ready and get some things done around here!
Have a GREAT day everyone.

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