Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday and Happy Finishes!

Hey there!  Today is Friday, April 13th.  Where does the time go????
This past week we celebrated Dear Hubby's birthday - which didn't include a lot of celebrating.  Let me start at the beginning.
Monday came, and DH got a phone call from his immediate boss, who told him he was resigning and going to another job.  There is a new CEO where DH works.  So things have been in a turmoil since she's turning the world upside down there.  The world there NEEDED to be turned upside down!  Too many passive people.  Anyway, the news of the resignation sort of brought up some nervousness for DH, because he wasn't sure that his job was safe.  Now his immediate boss was leaving..........
He was told that he needed to show up at the office (he works from home) on Thursday, to meet with the CEO and the CFO (financial officer).  That did NOT sound good......but we kept our heads high and thought positive thoughts.
Meanwhile, I babysat on Monday.  Which turned out really well.  My regular babysitting day was Fridays, but with summer coming and the traffic being really BAD on Fridays, I asked if I could change to Weds and that was acceptable.  Only thing was, this past Weds, I had plans I didn't want to break.  So babysitting was Monday.  Win/Win!
Tuesday was DH's birthday and I made a cheesecake. I don't make it often, because it's sooo rich and tempting (and fattening) and I don't want an entire cheesecake in the house!  I did NOT get photos - that thing disappeared quickly!  Two slices were for us that evening, and just before we sat down to eat it, the farmer up the road came by and DH offered him 2 slices (he had brought some hay for us to try out). 
Wednesday came, and it was "Lunch with the Girls" day out.  We ended up bringing food to the dog trainer's place and had lunch and walked the dogs, then ate the cheesecake I'd brought (four slices).  That left just a bit of cheesecake at home.  DH had a piece that night, and there were 2 pieces left which we finished off last night!  Sure was yummy.
Thursday I asked a friend to lunch. I'd been craving Chinese food.  Didn't NEED it, but wanted it!  It was good.  Meanwhile, DH went to his meeting, and the CEO ended up asking him to PLEASE NOT LEAVE!  That's a good thing.  At least he feels somewhat safe for awhile.  His interpretation of the CEO is a lot different than others' interpretation of interesting!  OH, the other thing that happened is, the boss that was between DH's boss (who resigned) and the CEO, told DH that she too is resigning and going to a new job.  GOOD LORD!  Mass exodus!
Today is Friday - like I said, where does the time go?????????  Today, I'm walking taking the dogs to walk at the trainer's again.  They love going and it's good for all of us.
The weekend is supposed to warm up and be nice.  I am a bit tired of the 50s and am ready for warmer nicer weather - not HOT - just a bit warmer and nicer.

Finished - I finished the towels - they are off the loom, washed, dried, hemmed, ironed.  They came out pretty well, but my sett was too loose I think.  They coulda been a bit tighter.  But I'm happy with them and I do not stress over perfection.
Here they are:
I also did something I've been waiting to do, but was afraid having some trepidation about doing.  I took the cloth that came off Lulu before I sold her, and I made a jacket from it!  I LOVE this jacket!

I WILL be making more of these.  One in purples because a large part of my wardrobe is purple, and one in a light cotton for summer.  It was SO stinking easy !!!!  I could see making some and trying to sell them!

Anyway, that's it for me today. I have a lot to do and so little time to do it in.
Have yourself a GREAT day.  And never ever spend time stressing the little things!


Judee said...

Hey, how was that hay you tried? I've never tried hay except to jump in it.:)

MarthaVA said...

Ha ha Judee - considering my allergies this season and the dryness of the hay (with it blowing everywhere while we're unloading it from the trailer), I'm lucky all I did was inhale it. Didn't eat any - this time! The horses think it's yummy tho. :-)