Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!


This is what it looks like outside.  The photos were taken yesterday.  It doesn't look much different today.  That pine tree on the left.....the branches are usually facing up, not down.

I worried all yesterday and last night, and this morning about the loom going to it's new home/owner.  My front steps are very icy.  Hubster did his best, but didn't want to put down salt (it gets dragged into the house and it's not pet friendly). 

The people came, we disassembled the loom, they wrapped it up the way they wanted it, and off they went.  I prayed every time someone walked up or down those steps.  I've fallen more times on those darned steps!  It's no fun and it hurts!

But, Lulu went to her new home.  I hope Jan has many happy weaving hours with her.  She will be well taken care of, I'm sure.

I now can move my sewing machine back into the room, and have all my "stuff" together again.  I felt very detached with the sewing stuff in one room, and the weaving stuff in another - especially for those things that have multiple uses.  I was constantly walking down the hallway to the other room to get something or other.  Now, I can put the sewing in with the weaving and everything will be happy again. :-)  I think I may leave the big table in the spare bedroom to lay stuff out on as I have the smaller table in the craft room to use now. 

I will also keep the older BW in the spare room for now.  If I find that I don't want both looms to have projects on them at the same time, then I will go ahead and re-list her. I would really like the money to get the new Janome sewing machine I've got my eye on.

This morning I spent an hour or a bit more, printing out more of my photo greeting cards I'm selling.  I will get them into the photo light box, and photograph them (does it make sense to photograph photographs?) and then I'll start listing them for sale.  I've not decided on a web host yet.  It's so confusing. I've read bad reviews on every web hosting site available.  Even the one that my friend uses in her business of building web sites.

Hubster suggested I wait, and I just try doing craft shows this year.  Well, it's a bit hard to know when and where the shows are, and by the time I find out, it's too late to get a space.  Besides, in reality, the website will cost me less than going to most craft shows!  I've decided to make a go at setting up the website, and starting out there.  Hopefully I'll do a good enough job to get us up and running.....

So I've had this idea for a very long time - someday, I'd love to have a little white cottage, somewhere that is busy enough to get the traffic, and sell hand-made goods from there.  I'd take things on consignment, then when they sell, I'd go ahead and pay the crafter.  Cottage crafts.  Crafts for sale.  I know it's already done online - but I was wondering if I could pick and choose whose products I'd like to sell online, if I could make any money off that?  Etsy is one place that it's done.  I don't necessarily want my site to be that big - after all I am NOT any sort of techie that would be able to handle something like that.  But a few select people that I know, that I respect their hand made items and think they'd that I'd love to do.  My dream is to do it with a real cottage, but hey, that's not in my near future (which reminds me, I haven't checked my lottery numbers from Weds.....)............

But I digress. I plan on getting serious about this website, which means I really need to move forward and quit dilly dallying around about it.  And get my stuff made (I need to get an inventory of weaving and quilts done) and get my photo cards photographed, labeled, and get them going!

Stay safe, stay warm, and have a great rest of your weekend and a wonderful week.

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Judee said...

Those pics make me shiver! We had rain, thank goodness and expect more tomorrow. I would sell my small things on your site. You should charge the sellers like they do in co-ops or a consignment fee. Congrats on your big sale.