Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I did it!

I figured out how to put my photos on the greeting cards.  I'm leaving the insides blank for now.  But I did it!  :-)  I'm kinda proud of myself.  Just took some patience after all.  I don't know if anyone will buy them, but I'll make up some sets and see.  Only one way to find out, right?

The photo of the cards looks a bit warped - because the cards don't lay flat.  I'm going to make myself a photo booth to start taking better photos of my items - weaving and sewing and other stuff.  But this is what I had today.  So this is what I'm posting! :-)

Today I worked on some memory cards for the grand baby girl.  She's one year old - I simply cannot believe where the time has gone!  Dear Daughter asked me to make these and I finally got around to it.  I was dying to craft something!   The link to how to do them is here.  I did it the hard way tho - I didn't recheck the link before starting.  When putting the backing on I used cotton fabric and did the entire turn-it-inside-out-after-sewing gig....and they don't look near as nice!  So I'd advise, follow the directions on the link!

I had started winding a warp.  I decided I didn't want it as long as I was making it - I did the math 3 different times - first for one towel, then for six towels, then decided I only want to make 4 towels in the pinwheels (I'm doing a weave along on Ravelry Warped Weavers).  I get too bored with doing too many things, and I was afraid I'd run out of yarn.  So I took it off the warping board twice!  Oye.  When will I ever learn????  Anyway, I got tired of winding warp (haven't done it in awhile and I'm out of practice).  So then I started pulling fabric out - I need to put some practice sandwiches together to practice my FMQing.  The fabric pieces are still sitting on the floor!  lol.  I started working on the memory cards and now, it's time to make dinner (warmed up sauce and pasta that hubster made last night!!!).

It's freezing cold today.  The wind has been blowing and I don't know what the high temp was, but now at 4:52 pm it is 24 degrees out and that's not including the windchill!  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr - today would have been a great day for a fire but since I was upstairs working and the wood burning stove is in the basement, it wouldnt' have done ME any good anyway! 

Hubster went back to work today.  Well, he works from home...so he didn't go far. lol
Thursday I go babysit the Grand Baby Girl.  :-)  I'll be tired tho - she's a tough one to keep up with!
I need to get my loom on a few more websites.  I haven't had any nibbles on the big loom.  I so don't really want to sell the older BW loom, but, I need to bring some money in instead of it always going out....so I'm gonna have to advertise it.  Sigh..........

Off to warm up dinner and put on some more clothes - I'm soooo cold.  Stupid heat pumps don't do nuthin for the house once it's below 32 degrees. 

Have a great day or evening!

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KnittyAJ said...

Lot's going on in your crafty life!! We are definitely kindred spirits. I have so many projects too. I just want to say, I have to stop reading your blog! Now I have to go and warp my BW for the Warped Weavers Pinwheel-along-thinking about the color combination. Shame on you. Now: FMQ 2012 Challenge, Warped Weavers, Quilts on the design Wall, HPKCHC assignments. Whew, glad I am off until the 10th.