Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out of action

I've been out of action here.  I can't really explain why - I just have not had anything blog worthy to write about.  I love LOVE reading other peoples blogs.  I really enjoy seeing their inspiration, or just hearing about their days.  I just feel that I have nothing noteworthy to I go missing for awhile.

What have I been up to?  I have been working on building a website.  I'm planning on selling my photo greeting cards.  I love taking photos and seeing how well they come out. I just use a Kodak digital point and shoot camera - nothing fancy - 10x zoom.  At some point, I'd really love to get a camera with a better zoom.  Why Kodak you ask?  I'm loyal - I grew up in Rochester NY, and I sometimes wish I still lived there.  I was the only one in my family that was born and raised there.  My two older brothers were born in Maine.  They are 8 & 10 years older than me.  My father was hired to work at Kodak and the family moved from Maine, where they were all born, to Rochester.  Then I came along.  So I'm really the only one with any roots there....although, my parents are buried there.  Anyway, Kodak is what I grew up on. Sadly, it's going broke, and has moved a lot of it's work to China, and all those huge buildings in Rochester are no longer housing Kodak employees.  Very sad indeed.

I haven't done any weaving or sewing, because I've been really busy with doggy stuff - four visits to the hospital this month which is a couple of more than normal.  I also started class with Evan doing Nose Fun - searching for a treat in boxes is how we begin, then we'll move on to other stuff.  It's just for fun - we won't become bomb sniffing teams or anything.  Just something different to do with him.  He gets SO excited about it tho. 

I've also been busy with building this website.  It felt so right when I started and still does, I'm just afraid after all the work I've put into it, that it will not show up on a search engine when I'm done.  We can always pay to have it show up in Google of course.....we'll see if we need to do that to jump-start our business.

Why do I say "we" and "our?"  Because, I have a friend going in on it with me. I was hoping to get more friends - one isn't able to make the bags she wants to make, and sell them at a profit.  I was also hoping that another would join us, but she doesn't have the resources to make her product in bulk right now.

But it's ok - we'll be fine, and I'm going to continue to build this website (praying at some point I'll be finished and be able to actually Publish the darn thing).

I do need to get back to my weaving and sewing - I do miss doing it.  I've just been so darned tired every day after everything else I've done.  Spending 7 or 8 hours on the computer is exhausting when you're not used to it, and it's also brain drain when you're learning something without anyone telling you all the little secrets of getting something done.  Not to mention, I had to copy all of the photos I'm going to use on the cards, resize them, and also put a copyright sign on them.  I also wanted to make sure all the photos printed out well on the card stock, so I had to do a test print of them all, copying the photos into my Kodak print program.  It's the only program on my computer that would allow me to print the cards in the size I need them, and I have to flip them to get them to print out on the cards the right way.  It's all time consuming.  But, I've learned a bunch and I know when I learn it that way, I tend not to forget it. 

So there it is, I've been MIA for no real good reason, and no one really missed me.  I have no photos to post, and I love looking at photos others post, so I always feel like a bad blogger when I don't have anything interesting to post about - hence, the MIA.  But I'm here.  Been fighting off a sinus thing this week, but I'm better today (so far - it's early yet).  I babysat once this week and will go up again tomorrow.  Baby girl is sick too - and her mommy is very worried about her.  It's exhausting for me to babysit but I also love it.  I wish it weren't exhausting but that's my own fault for being in such crappy physical condition.  At some point, I hope to do something about that too!  I need inspiration........and energy to get more active. 

Off I go to start a day that I didn't know I was going to spend, to figure out if I want to stay home, or leave for a bit.  It's yucky weather out so not sure what I really want to do.  I do need to do some weaving, some sewing, and some more web building so maybe staying home isn't a bad thing, especially since I'll be out tomorrow.............

Have yourself a super duper wonderful day.

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Judee said...

I read all this! Good luck with the website. I look forward to it.