Monday, January 9, 2012

Good things!

Hey there.  Sorry I went missing a few days.  I have had a lot going on again and I have had ADD again - so I'm trying really hard to get back into a routine with posting.  This post will be about my day today.  I had planned on staying home and winding the light color yarn for my pinwheel towels (I did finally get the dark yarn wound).  Well, then a friend emailed me and asked if I was available for lunch tomorrow.  I am babysitting tomorrow, so I told her I was free today or the other days this week, just not tomorrow.  So she invited me over for lunch today and even gave me a choice of what to have - I chose the salad she offered, and boy oh boy, was that an excellent choice!  I wish she could make my salad every day!  She made a TON - yes, I eat a lot, but not that much! lol  I did, however, end up having 2 helpings because it was that yummy.  She has the prettiest plates too - they make the food even more appetizing.

 I took the above photo standing on a chair.   Isn't it just SO inviting?  I love going to Jan's house because it's full of old furniture (the kind that is made from real wood) and comfy seating and it's just warm and cozy - and being with Jan makes me feel exactly like that - warm and cozy!

It was snowing while I was at Jans.  This is the first snow of the season.  She has such a beautiful view out her back deck. Even in winter when all the trees are bare, the view is still beautiful (in my humble opinion).

Snow!  :-) 

That is it for this post.  I have several others I want to do, but I won't jam everything into one post again.  I don't think that's fair to my few readers.  And I think it gets boring.  I'm trying to become a better blogger.

Take care!


Judy said...

It's so much fun to have lunch with a good friend. I can see why you like going there!
Please send some snow our way-we're still waiting for snow at the ski resort close to our house :-(

Judee said...

Hey Cuz
This is a nice, upbeat post. Good job! That salad looks yummy. I would have fallen off the chair.