Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start of another week.....

Last week was a bit of a busy week for me.  Especially considering lately I haven't really been doing much.  Laying low, staying home, trying not to spend money.  But last week was busy, and I guess that's good. 

This week is going to be fairly quiet, I think.  I hope.  Monday I have a hair appointment in the morning.  Not too early, which is good.  It's a 40 or so minute drive to the hair salon I go to.  I like the way the lady listens to what I want, and how she cuts my hair how I ask her to - with a razor, not scissors.  I have very straight hair.  Not thick.  Fine hair.  If you cut it with scissors, it sticks straight out.  If you cut it too short, it sticks straight out.  When cut with a razor, it lays nicely, layers nicely, and I like the way it feels.  The only negative thing is, the lady that cuts it, smokes.  And she always has a cigarette before she comes to cut my hair.  Ugh. 

My allergies have been horrible. I've never had allergy problems like this.  Have no idea where they came from.  Sneezing.  Itchy eyes.  Stuff draining in the back of my throat.  Coughing to hack up the icky stuff.  Just terrible!

I had a dr. appt. on Weds.  It had to do with female stuff.  They did a biopsy which I'm sure will come out fine, but it hurt like the dickens.  And I had to take it easy for a few days.  So no extra weaving.  :-(

Tomorrow, when I get home from the hair appointment, I plan on weaving.  Maybe even finishing.

I'm selling my rigid heddle loom.  I've advertised just about everywhere.  I don't do Ebay.  I am not savvy enough to handle it.  I have it in many other places tho.  No nibbles yet.  I really need the money.  I have things I need to get done.  I have another loom I want to buy.  But need the money.  Because the truck decided to do something stupid, it cost us a lot of money.  Over $750 - well the $750 is the part it cost for the repair of the brakes, calipers and whatever else had to be repaired, to fix the ones that almost started a fire.  Now, I asked, why in the heck did this happen in the first place?  There has to be something flaky with the system.  We weren't doing any heavy towing.  Heck, we haven't towed anything heavy in months.  We hardly use the stinking truck.  Thinking that we might trade it into CarMax if they gave us the amount is due on payoff, and get something different....smaller.....but it still has to pull a flat bed trailer for hay hauling, and whatever else we'd have to haul.  We don't haul the horses anymore.  I would like to have something like a large SUV.  Hubby's thinking of a used pickup that is cheap - something to put as a farm vehicle only.  I dunno.  We'll see.  Anyway, Hubby contacted Ford and they contacted the dealership we take the truck to for repairs (we also purchased the truck there) and they are offering us $350 back.  I think they should have replaced everything for free.  But that ain't gonna happen.  We purchased the extended warranty, but low and behold, dontcha know, it doesn't cover the brake system.  That would have been a different extended warranty.  Geesh. 

Anyway, that was all the stress and fuss last week.  This is a new week.

Yesterday we went to Sears and I found an exercise bike I really liked.  Of course, since the debt ceiling crap is going on, and part of our income is from Military Retirement pay, we aren't making any big purchases right now.  The bike was on sale, $200.  Hopefully it will either stay on sale, or be on sale again, so that we can get it in the future.  I need to do something to get back in shape.  I'm so badly OUT of shape that I get winded walking around from the car to the store, or in the mall, or whatever  --- I'm NOT happy about this.

It's been hot again.  I'm trying not to let that keep me in the house too much, but, it is.  Disappointed that the summer hasn't been a bit easier.  But I know we're not the only ones suffering. 

The grand baby starts day care tomorrow.  I know it's good for her.  I sure miss the hell out of going up there and spending time with her every week, but it got too hard on everyone working out the schedule.  I will either have to go up on a weekend, or somehow work out a way to go up on a day when dear daughter will be working from home and can handle me being there.  I also hope that they get a new home soon as they really want to move but want to move into something nice.  It's been difficult for them to find the right home, and be able to put an offer that isn't refused!  I feel for them.

So, as unexciting as this post has been, all is well and I'm going to close for now.  I really must get out and start taking more photos.  Some of the other blogs I read have such GREAT photos............I love photography but, I'm not crazy about my camera.  Maybe someday, in a future life, I'll have a really nice camera. 

Have yourself a great week.  When I get this project on the loom done, I'll be washing all the latest fabric and I'll be seeing what I will make out of it all, and I'll have photos!  :-)



mainer said...

OK, a new week sounds good to me too. Hope it keeps you happy.

Quiet Quilter said...

Always good to have a new week to look forward to....