Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Works In Progress.  I'm a work in progress.  My relationships are always a work in progress.  Life, is a work in progress!  

Right now, I'm trying to get the "never-ending" warp to not be a WIP !  It's getting there.  I'm hoping I can finish it off tomorrow.

Here are some photos of what it looks like....but since these photos, I've done more. Just no photos ~ yet.....
White on white. 
This is two yards of white Sugar and Cream weft in the white 8/2 cotton warp.

 Clasped Weft
This is my first try at clasped weft.  It was fun, it's creative, but it's SLOW going.  And hard on my left arm.  I like the outcome.  When I ran out of the bobbins that the solid yarns were on, I just did a bunch of plain weave with some of the solid and some of the variegated.  It is an interesting piece, and one of my first "free form" pieces.  I just did what felt right and came to me.

Below is the cloth I cut off this warp at the beginning.  I want to make a shirt out of it but I have to wash it first, and wanted to wash the entire ten yard warp together.  Hopefully none of my colors will run since I have plain white in there too.
Cloth that hopefully will become a shirt

I love this shot.  I love all my colorful yarns!  This is my "stash."  It's not much, but its mine and it's beautiful!

This (below) is the little basket that has a handle (look on the right of the basket).  The handle fits perfectly on the open end of my bench.  I can place the bobbins in there that hold the yarn, that I used in the clasped weft above.  How cool is that???  LoL                    

That's it for me.  I have 2 more pieces of this warp that I have woven on.  I'm finishing it off with pink cotton 5/2.  I'm hoping it comes out really soft.....for a special use. :-)  
More later!  (can't give away ALL the info, now can I?)


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mainer said...

You got a maniquin! Hooray! Liking your stash colors.