Saturday, July 2, 2011


Lately, the holidays don't really mean much to me.  We don't go anywhere.  We don't invite people over.  We don't socialize much.  I have my friends, but otherwise, it's Honey and me. 

This week was a whirlwind.  I did get some more weaving done - no pics - guess I need to do that.  It's nothing exciting really.  I just finished 2 yards of white on white.  8/2 cotton warp, 12 dent reed, and white Sugar and Cream for weft.  Plain weave.  It was so easy, fast, peaceful, and it's pretty.  I did have some issues with my shoulder.  Reaching in for the stick shuttle wasn't bad, but, bringing it out far enough to clear the shed, was.  It was painful.  :-(   Not fun.  I'll have to get it checked out.  I think I tore something at some point.  Using a boat shuttle isn't as hard.  The rest of the yardage I'll use a boat shuttle.

I'm going to try clasped weft.  I am excited to try it.  I am going to use the crochet thread again.  I have some solid colors which I will use on one side, and I will use the variegated on the other side.  

Honey brought up the Scrabble board.  I haven't played in years.  He usually doesn't want to play.  We played outside but had to arm ourselves against the mosquitoes.  I have quite a few bites already and I think I got a new one or two.  Honey got one on his leg too.  Buggers!   I keep saying, we need to screen in the porch. 
Here is a pic of the scrabble board.  There are some, um, interesting words on it.  NOT for children to see.  K?           So, you see the word on the top right?  Honey came up with that one!  Yeah, well, when you have the right  Do you see the word on the upper left?  That was mine - and I finished up all of my letters on that word.  I've NEVER finished up all of my letters.  Of course, I did say, I don't get to play a lot. LOL
I had a blast.  I hope he wants to play again soon! :-)

Hopefully I'll get to weave again tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get going.  For now, I'm off to have some ice cream!
Till later.............oh, and happy 4th of July.  Even tho it's two days away. I'll shoot for getting some weaving photos tomorrow!



mainer said...

Hey, if the word is in the dictionary...wish I could play with ya.

KnittyAJ said...

Love the scrabble board! Do you play "words with friends"? It's like scrabble.

MarthaVA said...

Judee, I wish you could too!

AJ - where the heck have you been girl? I've missed you!
No, I've never played "words with friends." What is it? Where is it?

Thanks for the comments!