Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well, my 2 boucle' projects are in the washer.  I put them on cold water, hand-wash cycle, and am praying they are still in one piece when I go open it.   I am going to put the shawl in the dryer just to get the heavy wet off it.  The other is going to have to air dry.  I'll lay it across the dryer.  Then if it's still wet tomorrow, I'll put it on hangers and hang it out on the porch to dry.  It shouldn't take long out there!  That's the project with the fun yarn in it.  It can't go in the dryer.  Wasn't supposed to go in the washer either...........so I'll have to see if I ruined it.....hey, if ya don't try, then ya will never know!

It was great to get back to weaving.  I braided the ends so that took a little time.

Someone on Ravelry explained how to do the mobius scarf on the loom, with weaving the ends in after releasing it from the cloth beam. I have to do a slightly narrow one, as I only have a dowel of a certain size to put on the front.  I think that's how it has to be done....with a dowel.  I can't see how it would be done with the cloth beam with the metal rods I have........but I'm going to give it a go!  Tomorrow I can wind that warp and I can get it threaded.  I don't know how hot it will be tomorrow.   Today it wasn't too hot till about 2:30.  Then it started getting warm upstairs.  I'm excited to get a new project started!

Oh, and I think I sold my rigid heddle loom!  I didn't get as much as I'd hoped, but I got enough to make me happy that I didn't have to really lower the price much.  It's all good!  I will know for sure on Thursday evening.  I'm meeting the person in the city at 6 PM.  Wonder if I can get Hubby to treat me to a simple dinner out.  Been a LONG time since we have had dinner out.  If not, I'll go alone.  He doesn't always like to go out at night.  But at least it'll still be light.  And if he's with me, maybe I won't get to talking too long.  LOL

This means, with the check from the saddle (well, part of it as part of it went to the truck repair), the RH loom sale, and the debt issues being resolved by the government, I CAN get my loom in September!  Yeeeehawww!   I can just picture myself whipping out all kinds of scarves on that little loom, and hopefully having enough by next Fall to sell them at a craft show or two.

So tomorrow, I hope, I'll have photos (if the shawls dry).

More later!

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