Thursday, July 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday -> Thursday

I was going to make this post yesterday, but, I ran out of time. I took photos in the morning, and I still am not happy with the color as it's just not true.........but, I tried all the settings on my camera and nothing is really working.  I'm bummed.  I think my old camera took better photos!
At any rate, here is a new shawl/scarf I put on the loom.  The shorter warps are SO nice and easy.  Not like the never-ending white one it took me forever to finish.
This is a boucle' warp, 800 lbs per yard, with tencel and fun yarn as weft.  The fun yarn has all the colors of the boucle' plus gold, and has a little sparkle with it.  It will only be able to be hand-washed, not machine washable or dryable, but, it'll be ok since it's not really a piece that will be worn next to the skin, and also not worn all the time.  I can hardly wait for the cooler weather to be here so I can wear it! :-)

This is the side view of the same piece.
I had a dr.s appt yesterday afternoon - a not so fun one.  But I'm fine, and it's over, so it is what it is. I'm taking it easy today - I've done some vacuuming and some laundry, but other than that, I'm taking ti REAL easy - I haven't even showered or done makeup - truthfully?  I haven't even put a bra on! LoL.  That's what I call taking it easy.  I will pull myself together better tomorrow. 

I finished the shawl for the exchange, but I haven't taken any photos of it, and I also haven't washed and dried it so that will have to be done before I take photos.  I did my first fringe, and I think it came out ok.

That's about it from me since I have NO energy today.

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