Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Weaving Update:
As I wrote yesterday, I got the reed threaded, so today I went up and I threaded the heddles.  It was pretty easy considering there were only 156 ends.  Thick yarn.  My favorite!

I got it all threaded, triple checked it, had hubby help me put it on - the warp was wide, and I wanted really good tension.  Not having worked with boucle' before, I wanted to make sure it went on well.  It was great having help!  I wound a bobbin of the gold tencel I had bought online, and wove 3 strands to get the warp spread evenly.  I hated the gold!  It stood out way too much.  Luckily, I had a burgundy tencel sitting on the shelf, and I wound a bobbin of that, tried it, and loved it.  That is what my weft is - burgundy.  It's turning out well.  I had to experiment with my weaving.....I threw the shuttle, beat very gently as had been recommended by someone that gave me some advice on how to use boucle' and tencel, and I was beating with the shed open.  That was leaving really loose ends.  I didn't like it.  Then I tried beating harder, but I didn't like that the warp yarn, the boucle', got lost in the weft.  I tried the loose beating but on a closed shed, and that made a huge difference.  So after weaving about 2 or 3 inches of what I didn't like, I was able to keep weaving with the last choice, and it turned out well.  I'm about half way thru, but it got too warm up there. 

From this point on, it's just stuff about life, friends, and sadness, so if you don't wanna read, that's ok, I understand.

Today started out with thunder and rain.  I got up in a very cranky mood.  Not quite sure why, other than I haven't been sleeping well.  I think our bed, which isn't very old, is very uncomfortable.  I wake up because my body hurts.  Of course, if I didn't weigh what I do, then I wouldn't feel so crappy.  But that's my own fault so I won't whine about it here!

I finally rolled out of bed.  Made my tea, turned on my computer, missing my friends chatter in the morning on IM.  The same friend that moved this weekend.  No, she's not too far away but further than up the road.  I think I'm feeling lonely already.

I still didn't feel "right" so I decided that I'd call my friend.  I just felt like something was just so NOT right....I called and asked how she was doing.  She said, "I've been better."  I thought the move was rougher than she thought it would be, but no, she went on to tell me that she had to put one of her dogs down last night.  Sigh.  Her father passed away on Friday in Australia and then she had to put one of her dogs to sleep last night.  How rough can life get for one person?  The last 6 years or so have been really bad for my dear friend.  About 7 years ago I think it was, she got divorced.  Then she buried her mum in Oz.  Then she met and married a man.  He got sick and died 1.5 years ago.  Then she had to put her best dog down, one she chose herself as a pup.  That dog was her heart dog.  The log home she built with her second husband was on the market 2 + years and finally sold.  She was supposed to go to Oz to be with her dad, put off that trip while she moved, then he passed away.  She's now moved into her new home, lock, stock and barrel.  She will leave for Oz on Weds, to come home in 2 weeks time, and will be coming home to a new house, and only one dog and her cat. 

On a good note, I'm sitting here and I'm watching two hummingbirds flying around the feeder outside, and playing.  That makes me smile.  It's a sad smile as it's hard to shake the feelings I have of sadness for my friend. 

My daughter may be getting a new home.  They saw one they really liked.  I hope and pray the offer is approved if this is the house they really want.  They work so hard, and deserve so much.  My granddaughter deserves a larger home too.  The condo is SO tiny.  They do well in it, but, they need more space.  So I'm praying for things to go well for them.  Meanwhile, my daughter is working, taking care of the baby, and her hubby has to travel - he was gone last week Monday thru Friday, will be gone this week Monday thru Friday, and my have to go away the next two weeks also.  It's a tough life.  The move, if it happens, will be stressful as the house is further away from where they both work. I know I had to do almost everything alone when my kids were small.  Hubby was in the Army, and I was in charge of the kids, the house, the yard work, and I did work part of the time before they went to school.  It ain't easy.

The rest of my day:

I came downstairs after being upstairs weaving and it got too warm, and I decided to have some ice cream.....yeah, I know, that doesn't help my weight.  Ya don't have to tell me.

I watched a little t.v. and then sat down to read some blogs, and write my own post.

I have a whole chicken in the oven, which has about an hour and 40 minutes left to bake, so I think I'll go back upstairs and work a little more on the shawl.  It'll be finished either tonight, or tomorrow for sure.
Since I'm still tired, I don't know if I'll want to finish it tonight.  I may just sit and read the paper. LoL

I've hugged my doggies a lot today.  I know how much I love my pups.  It's so sad to think that my friend's life has been turned so upside down lately.  You never know when something is going to happen!

Weavin' happy

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