Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been MIA.  There have been some things going on around here, and I think I let them overwhelm me sometimes.  That's ok. I survive.

Yesterday I took the dogs to get their teeth cleaned.  I went to get my hair cut.  A distraction.  My hair is really short.  I asked for it.  I don't think hubby really likes it, but it's my hair.  I'm the one that was feeling dragged down and like I was wearing a football helmet.  Too much.

The dogs did fine.  Gabbi, the Maltese, the baby, she spent last night coughing all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It was 1:30 a.m. and it was driving me nuts knowing she was not feeling well, and also that she was keeping me awake.  I finally got up, took Gabbi and Evan (the Papillion) and went into the living room, on the reclining love seat.  I took 2 pillows.  Left hubby in the bedroom to sleep.  I didn't sleep much, and was very uncomfortable.  Within 10 minutes, Gabbi was sleeping soundly with no more coughing. Yes, she has my number.  By the way, the dogs sleep on the floor in the bedroom, but they have it really good in there.  There are several dog beds, with an old store-bought quilt over them, and they each have their own flannel blankie.  So they don't suffer.

Gabbi is much better today.

On another note, we have had some issues with our septic tank - well, that's not entirely the story - the septic tank is fine.  But, the distribution box is not.  After noticing a sunken hole about eighteen inches wide with water in it (sometimes stinky water), I brought it to hubby's attention about a month ago.  He finally called someone to come check it out.  They did a bit of digging last week, and they said the distribution box is crushed.  Huh?  How the heck did that happen?  Who knows.....they'd be back in a week.   They were supposed to be here yesterday but there was an emergency they went to yesterday (someone in much worse shape than us).  They were coming today.  They showed up at 8:00 - just as I had fallen to sleep in the bedroom.  The digging was taking place right outside the bedroom window.  So I got up, threw cold water on my face, and got dressed.....feeling like I had a hangover.  Not fun.

Pretty soon, hubby came in the house and checked the phone lines.  Oops, the phone line had been cut.  Bummer!  He went back outside after giving me the paperwork with the number to call for repair.  I called.  It'll be next Tuesday before the phone is repaired.  Wow, really?  Yes, we live in the boonies, and there aren't many repair people out here.  We've waited a week before to get the phone lines fixed, but that was when they weren't even at our house - the problem was in town!  

Pretty soon, hubby came back in the house.  He asked for the camera.....uh, that can't be good.  I was right.  The phone company, back 20 years ago when the house was built, had dug the ditch to bury the line, right over the distribution box and the pipes that lead out from the box, distributing (hence the name) the icky water to the drain fields.  The stupid part is, the phone line comes from the direction of the front of the house.  Then it goes beyond the back of the house, and U turns back to connect to the house.  Not the smartest thing I've ever seen.  

Hubby comes in and calls the phone company again.  He gets a really RUDE lady on the phone, and tries to explain what we need - first off, when the repair man comes to repair the line, he needs to bring the proper equipment to dig a new hole to put the line into.  We can't have the line over the distribution box.   Secondly, when he comes, he needs to bring a supervisor or someone so they can see the damage.  She rudely tells us that a supervisor won't come and she can't control whether or not the repair person brings the equipment to dig with.  So we ask her for a way to find out if we can get compensated.  She says hold on....a few minutes later (burning up our cell phone minutes) she comes back and gives us a number to call.  Great.  Then hubby asks her if we can have our phone calls forwarded to the cell phone.  Now mind you, when you call, you have to give them name, address and other information.  What does she say?   We have to give her our account number or tell her what the last paid bill amount was.  REALLY?  Seriously?  Good Lord.  So we give her the info, and the cell phone drops the call!!!!!!!!!  Now you know, they can tell what number you're calling from.  Did we get a call back from her?  Heck no!  No surprise there.

I made the next call.  I wrote down the questions, and asked hubby what he wanted me to get done, and I dialed the number.  Got someone else (third person).  She can see the ticket that says we have a phone out.  I tell her that I need to update that ticket to include that we need the phone line moved, as well as repaired.  She asked why.  I gave her the spiel.  She was pretty nice in the end about helping me.  I got the ticket updated, and we were able to get the story straight, and I explained to her that without the phone line moved, we can't get the septic repaired.  The phone line is right IN the pipe leading out of the distribution box.  

Hubby was able to call the # the lady he spoke to gave him to put in a claim.  It's a government office and the woman was VERY nice.  We told her (on speaker phone) that we appreciated her kindness.  Hopefully the company that covers the claim will send someone out and see the mess, before the company comes back to fix the distribution box.  That will be next week, Tues or Weds (that the septic repair people will be back).  The claim person might be out next week - who knows.  We have photos tho.

I don't know how all this is going to turn out.  I'm praying that Verizon will pay us for the damage, as it will cost about $2200 or more.  Ugh.  On top of the dogs costing more yesterday than we planned on.  Prices going up all over I guess.  

I have some weaving photos.  Only a couple.  This first one is a towel in a set that I'm weaving for my Sister-in-Law, who's coming to visit at the end of the month.  I like this pattern very much.  It's fun, fast, and easy.  Its a simple tie up - shaft one to treadle one, shaft two to treadle two, etc.  I have a four shaft loom.  The threading is 4,3, 2, 1 (from the back of the loom).  The weaving is plain weave (treadle 1 &3, then treadle 2 & 4).  Do that for 18 rows.  The "arrow" portion is woven with shaft 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 4.  I'm using my double shuttle which I love because weaving goes REAL fast with it.

This is what's under the loom, on the cloth beam - the previous towels I wove:  See the hint of yellow and red?  Have I mentioned, I love using a white warp because you can make the towels ANY color?  :-)

And then there is this, the warp on the rigid heddle loom.  I have neglected it sorely.  I'm going to bring this loom downstairs today so when I'm down here, I have no excuse not to work on it (and the reason I have time to work on it, later).  This is the kind of weaving I love to do - simple in weave, but colorful.  I started this thinking I'd be making a tote bag.  I don't know if it will be that in the end or not!  But that's ok.  The only thing is that I'm not crazy about weaving on the rigid heddle loom. My plan is to sell it and put that money away.  I want to buy a Wolf Loom, or, if I could afford it, possibly a Saori loom.  We'll see.  Problem with that is, selling this little loom will hardly be a drop in the bucket to getting enough money together to get another loom.  So we'll see.............

My main plan is to use Lulu, the Leclerc floor loom, for rag rug and rag bag making.   The other loom(s) hehe would be for making stuff.  One of my projects is going to be working on a piece that is made from all different types of yarn, and making either a mobious scarf or even a vest or small jacket.  I don't know how much I'll have to make it with.  I'll weave the fabric and then figure it out.  How much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to get it started.  

The other thing going on is that I've not been feeling well. I've been extremely emotional, I've been very tired, I have a constant lump in my throat, my allergies are acting up (which I'm convinced is what the lump is about), and I generally have been in a slump.  The weather has been awful - just so hot and humid.  Today was finally better, but I was too exhausted to care.  I can't seem to find a good place mentally to be in  and it's getting worse.  I hate feeling this way - it sucks all my energy and I feel much worse than usual.  I have tried Allegra Non Drowsy - but it made me tired.  I have a tendency to react to medicine the opposite of what it's meant to do to you.  I never said I was normal.  At night I still take one and a half Benadryl - it knocks me out (thank goodness) and I get a good night's sleep, along with almost no snoring.  But I do feel a bit sluggish in the mornings.  I learned to deal with that tho.  It's the rest of it that is making me crazy.  I need a therapist.  But can't afford one.  I need to get weaving so that's my therapy.
That's about it for me and this post.  Nothing like going missing for awhile, then blabbering on and on.  But it's my place to blabber............

More another day when I'm up to it.

Weavin happy.


KnittyAJ said...

Hey Martha, sorry to hear your woes, but glad to hear that you are surviving. Love your weaving projects...Really like the green! Where did you get that pattern? Case you are wondering, I am in my quilting mode...........

Amy B said...

Holy Moly. What an experience. Seems like you were finally able to get a hold of some helpful people. Hope the rest of the ordeal goes smoothly! Your weaving looks great ;)

mainer said...

Love the weaving!

MarthaVA said...

AJ - thanks so much - ah, quilting mode - so that's why I haven't seen much weaving from you!
Are you talking about the pattern for the green towel? I made it up. I can tell you what I'm doing. But, where the arrows are, on the back it leaves long floats of the warp thread. Not sure how well it'll do as a towel. Thanks for reading. :-)


MarthaVA said...

Amy - thanks for commenting. Yes, I actually think things are going to work out ok for us on this little mess. It's all good! :-)


MarthaVA said...

Judee - thank you! :-)