Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

According to some, the world was supposed to come to an end today.  Actually, at 6:30.  It is now 7:18.  Ok, well, I'm still here.  How about you?

Today was a perfect weather day.  I was just outside walking the dogs around, and got bitten by a mosquito.  Ick.   

I had a good day.  I've had a really good week.  A quiet birthday - the big 55.  Yep, the speed limit.  Haha.

I got some weaving done.  It felt really good to get it done.

I talked to hubby about another loom.  I think I want another 4 harness because I've decided I don't want an 8 harness.  Nope.  The more complicated the weave design, the less fun I'm having.  

I'm going to sell my rigid heddle loom.  I don't have fun weaving on it.  

So a smaller floor loom.  Yep.  One I can take to workshops if they come up.  Or to a friends' house to weave together.  :-)

Got to talk to my sister-in-law today.  Spoke to a couple of friends this week.  It's good to have friends.

I've decided this year I'm going to spend more time at home.  I'm going to stop filling my days with running here and there.  I'll spend some quality time with good friends.  I'll spend some good time improving my home.  Weaving.  Getting things organized.  Liking where I live.  

Life is VERY good, and I for one, am very glad it didn't end today.  

I hope you are enjoying your life, as much as I'm enjoying mine. 

I'm one lucky ducky.  :-)

Or licky chicky? 

Or old fuddy duddy?

Smile.  Life is GOOD.


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mainer said...

Yes, it is 6:40 here now and nothing has happened to end the world. What sme people will do for attention! You will enjoy your time at home but at some point, like we di today, you will get cabin fever.