Friday, June 24, 2011

Two in a Row!

Yep, two in a row - don't pass out.  Ha ha.

More towels from the same white 5/2 warp I used on the towels I posted about yesterday (the red and white ones).  These are green weft, one has a bit of yellow in the center. As you can see, the tops are different than the bottoms.  I used a different treadling sequence on each towel.  It was fun playing around! This one is the thickest.  It didn't look anything like this ON the loom.          
 This one is pretty cool too - the design is easy to see.
  This one is the one with the yellow in the center.  I think I did pretty well with measuring!

It's also the dog days of summer - and the summer solstice was just a few days ago.  What's with that????
Gabbi is always snuggled into a warm blanket.  It's too bad she can't relax, eh?

Evan is always at my side, and I was sitting on the couch and after taking the picture of Gabbi, I took a picture of Evan.  He had just had a bath and was all pretty.  We have hospital volunteering today.

I took the project that I was weaving off my loom, and I have re-tied the white 8/2 warp - there were 4 threading (reed) errors.  I wove with them as they added a little interest to the piece.  I'm trying REAL hard to let go of perfectionism, and work toward a type of weaving called Saori.  It's a free form weaving, it's all about the JOY of weaving.  I'm not much for perfection in my crafting....I like that sometimes something isn't perfect - because I'm not perfect.  I do like my gifts to look nice, but this project isn't a gift.  Now I have about 8 yards of white warp left on the loom, 25" wide. I'm trying to decide what to do with it.  Part of me wants to play with different stuff, the other part of me wants to do more towels, and another part of me wants to continue weaving for the project I started as I'm not sure I have enough fabric with the part I already cut off the loom.  I'm a bit busy today, so I'll have to decide later.  

My sister-in-law is arriving this weekend from Kentucky.  She and her daughter will be driving up tomorrow.  I offered for them to come here tomorrow night, then have my SIL take her daughter on to Maryland on Sunday where they will be attending a picnic.  But, the original plan was to go to MD first, they would spend the night there, then my SIL and possibly my niece would come down here on Sunday evening after the picnic.  Monday we'll be going to see the cutest kid in the world, my granddaughter!  :-)  Then, I don't know if SIL will leave Monday night or Tuesday.  It depends on what she feels like doing, and also what her daughter does (whether she comes back with us or stays in MD on Sunday).  Complicated?  Yes.  But I figure, if she wants to stay longer she will, and if she doesn't, she won't.  It's all good.

Off to get some things done..............



Judy said...

Nice towels! I like how you tried different weave patterns for each one.

mainer said...

Keep up the good posting! Love the pics.