Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Have I's HOT out.  The air is so stinkin heavy.  It isn't fun.  Bad air quality.  I'm trying to stay in as much as possible.  It was 99 today, with an even higher heat index.
On a good note, the septic distribution box is fixed.  To the tune of $2750.  $350 of that was for cleaning out the septic tank.  We are getting reimbursed for $2250.  Yay!  It was Verizon's fault, they admitted it, so we get the money back for that.
Tomorrow, Thursday, I get to go babysit again.  Jia and I are gonna PARTY!  :-)  It's just she and I for a few hours.  I'll bring my book, in case she poops out on me.  LoL.  From what I heard, she's been partying pretty much all the time.
It's going to be really hot again tomorrow.  ICK.  I95 in the heat. Not a good time but worth it for the fun I'll have with Jia!
Went to lunch today with friends.  Went to Ikea cuz it was too hot to do anything that involved being outside. I got a couple of goodies.  I'll take photos later on.
I used a mandolin to slice some potatoes last night, and I ended up slicing off the top portion of my fingernail on my forefinger.  OUCH.  It bled some.  It's VERY sensitive.  It'll take awhile for that nail to grow back.  I'm keeping it covered.  I won't make that mistake again.  The stupid thing is, I had the little veggie holder out to use, but didn't use it soon enough.
I got some warp wound today.  I'm looking at it and wondering if it's going to be long enough to go on my big loom.  I am wondering if I'll have to take it off, and possibly add some to it so I don't run out. I'm using crochet thread and want to try to make a top. We'll see.....
I'm still looking for a dress form, that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg (ha ha).  I can get one from Joanns for $100, but don't want to spend that much.  I found one on Craigslist close by, but it was already sold.  Darn!  Only $30 too!  Geesh.
Today was a good day.  I'm still working on my attitude.  So many people have it so much rougher than I do.  I can't figure out what exactly is driving this moodiness.  It sucks tho.
Off to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  Missed parts of it writing this.
Good night! :-)


Julie said...

Martha, You Enjoy your time with one of the cutest babys in the world tomorrow Drink plenty of water. I agree this heat is a killer. AGH! It can wait to do this to us in July Not June. Sorry about your finger Hope it heals fast.
Thanks for all your Support You are a great friend I am so blessed to have you in my daily Life

mainer said...

Have fun with Jia. We had a road trip I will share with you Fri.