Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today was a good day.  It didn't start out that way - I was in one of "those" moods.  I thought when I hit menopause, I'd stop being so moody and having PMS.  HA!  
But, I sat in my room, did some visualization, and I felt better.  I told myself, I am sunshine.  I immediately felt happier!  I have tried to carry that thru the day.
After showering and getting ready to go to a picnic later, I sat at my rigid heddle loom, and I finished off the colorful warp that was on there:
It is 87" long (if my math is right) and 17" wide.  Before washing.  It's 100% cotton so it WILL shrink.  It is in the washer right now, in hot wash cold rinse.  I sewed each end so it wouldn't come unraveled.  It's not perfect. There are booboos in it.  I don't care.  It's for me.  I love the colors and even tho I don't know exactly what I'll make, I'll be happy with it!  I could make a ruana, or I could make place mats.  I could make a tote.  That was the original plan.  It might change. 
I'm going to sell my rigid heddle loom. I dislike weaving on it.  Because it was the least expensive loom to buy at the time I wanted to weave, I bought it.  Now, I hope I can get a couple of hundred dollars for it but we'll see.  I saw someone else was selling one on Craigslist for over $300.  She has a carrying bag with it, I don't.  But I do have everything else that goes with it.
I have spotted a used Wolf Pup LT loom for sale, on Ravelry.  I want that loom.  It's new.  Not used.  Being sold by someone that bought it a year ago, but hasn't used it and probably won't.  YES!  It's a lot less than new.  I'd be happy with the 18" weaving width for a lot of things.  It wouldn't have to have a long warp on it either.  Or it can have.  It has 4 shafts and 6 treadles.  I can do 4 shaft designs on it, or, I can do simple designs on it.  I can't afford a Saori loom, but, I could afford this.
That all depends tho....I have to sell some things, and ask hubby for the money.  With the septic issues going on this week (see previous post if you want to read the depressing news), which will cost over $2000, I hate to ask.  But gosh, I don't know if I can pass up this deal.....the loom is in PA, and the seller will be as far South as Frederick Maryland the end of the month.  I can drive there!  It's a beautiful drive.  That's where the MD Sheep and Wool Festival was held that I attended not long ago.  

I am currently the hostess for a table mat exchange.  Having all the mats sent to me, I've had an awesome time seeing what everyone has done.  So many different ways to weave red, white and blue!  I am going to take photos when the last one arrives (hopefully Monday) and I will post here.  Then I get to split them up, and send them to their new owners.  So much FUN!  :-)
Today we also went to a picnic for the therapy dog group.  It was fun.  Hubby went.  There was a pool in the back yard, and I dunked my legs.  I didn't take a bathing suit.  I won't be caught in public in one right now.  But it sure felt good on my legs!  I told the woman who owns the pool and who's home the picnic was at, that if at any time she want's company to be in the pool with, to call me, I'd be right over!  LoL
The heat and the sun got too much for me.  At one point, I had to go indoors.  I can't take the heat like I used to.  Not that I was ever good at taking it.  But it affects me more now.  Stupid heart issues.
We didn't take the dogs.  We ate too much good food.  There were even home made whoopie pies!  They were yummmmmmm!  I have a recipe of my mothers, but I haven't used it.  Might have to give it a go.
Being out in the sunshine sure helps my moods.  I heard that the middle of the week is going to be unbearably hot - near 100. NOT good. On Weds I'm supposed to go with my good friend to meet up with some other ladies we used to work with at a veterinarian clinic.  We're supposed to have a picnic lunch outside of the Lorton Workhouse, which used to be a prison and is now an artists' work place.  It's awesome to see all the art work - and there are weavers there too!  My favorite part.  We'll see how that goes.
Thursday I'm supposed to babysit again.  I don't know how long I'll be able to continue to babysit.  The condo is dark, and very warm.  It's so tiny.  The trip is long.  And it's very tiring on me.  All I do is sit when I'm there.  There's no room to move around.  And the schedule isn't working too well for my daughter.  I don't get there early enough, and I leave too early.  It puts a strain on her, on her hubby, and on the entire day in general.  I think they are going to have to find another source of babysitting soon.  I do wish I was closer, but that's not going to happen.  It is what it is.

Edited to add:  I do love my daughter, and my granddaughter more than words can tell.  I will do anything I can for them.  I wasn't complaining in the paragraph above.  I know that this babysitting gig is not forever, and part of me is very sad about that because I do NOT want to lose touch with my granddaughter.  I love that she still smiles when I show up, and she cuddles with me, and loves me.  I don't get to see her as much as her other Grandma, but I know that I have a special bond with her.  I hope that will never change!

Currently reading Infinite Possibilities, The Art Of Living Your Dreams, by Mike Dooley. I am enjoying it.  
Weaving happy


mainer said...

Sounds like the book is good. Keep on dreaming.

Judy said...

I like the bright colors that you've chosen to weave with!