Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missing in Action....

I have been MIA.  There has been a lot of emotional stuff going on here.  I won't go into it, no use in whining.  Many have a lot rougher things going on in their lives and mine is trivial in comparison.  It's all good.  Life goes on.  This emotional stuff is weird tho.  I look back at how I've been feeling over the last couple of months and I can't believe how bad it really was, and now, I feel like I'm looking at it like it all happened to another person.  

I've been weaving.  I had lots of trouble with this warp.  I thought I had the troubles worked out.  Come to find out, there are 4 threading (reed) errors - I have the threads doubled in the reed in four places.  It's ok.  I'm trying to be more free-form with my weaving and trying not to beat myself up over small things, and to consider the "mistakes" as "design elements" instead.  Yeah, it bothered me, but it also adds a kind of interesting concept to it all.  So it's all good.  Although, when I'm done weaving the cloth I'm weaving now, I'm going to fix the mistakes and re thread them because I do want to make some other things that I don't want the mistakes to be in as they may end up as gifts.  I might like my "free form" weaving methods, but others might not.
I had an opportunity to purchase a new, but owned by someone and never used, Wolf Pup LT.  I lost out due to some communication issues and some decisions that were made as far as spending the money.  I am sad and really see myself with a Wolf Pup LT at some point.  It's just not going to happen any time soon (again, money) and it's going to probably have to be brand new bought from a dealer.  Used ones won't come up that often.  I did have qualms about whether it would all be there as the person never did end up putting the loom together.  Anyway, I'm disappointed but hopefully, at some point, I can still get one.  I have fought with myself whether it would be good to get a Pup LT or a Baby, but I want the LT - don't ask why - I have NO idea why I want a loom with only an 18" weaving width.  But I do. 
I made some towels for my cousin. I'm not as crazy about them as I was some others I'd made, but these are her colors.  It was a birthday gift.  I will probably make more in these colors at some point so that I can send more to her, as I am not crazy about these.
I've had some issues with my camera, sometimes it takes really nice photos, and other times, it really doesn't.  I'm not sure - I play around with the exposure and settings....

I've also been making strawberry smoothies every day for hubby and I.  They are a nice, refreshing afternoon snack, and not too bad (I don't think) as far as calories.  I use frozen strawberries, some sort of juice (been lemonade up till yesterday), some Agave nector to give a little sweetness to it, and Dannon Lite and Fit Yogurt.  I don't have measurements or a recipe, I just wing it.  They come out pretty good.  Yesterday I used this Raspberry Passion juice by Minute Maid, and the flavor was a lot stronger than lemonade so after this carton is gone, I think I'll go back to the can't really taste the lemonade but this juice is VERY strong.
I usually end up drinking mine while reading whatever current book from the library I'm reading, after I've been upstairs weaving.  It's hot upstairs, and I can only stay up there for a bit at a time.
Yesterday I had to reorganize my craft room.  I wanted to get another bookcase up there.  I had cleaned out my laundry/pantry room the day before and I had condensed things in there, and emptied out a bookcase to use up in the craft room - and it is now holding all of my yarns.  The other smaller bookcase is holding the tools.  Its much better now.  I love being able to see everything out in the open - it gives me inspiration to get a lot more projects done!

That's about it for today. I'll try to be better about coming back more regularly and posting more about my weaving, which is what I wanted this blog to be about!  I hate moodiness - throws a glitch into my life!!!!


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Those towels are great! I love them!