Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last day of April

Which means tomorrow will be May 1.  My birthday is in May.  Not excited about it, just sayin.

I got my warp threaded thru the heddles.  About to head upstairs and tie onto the back warp, get it all set, and possibly start weaving. I'm actually going to do some plain weave, and some other things with the same tie up but can change the treaddles to get a different look.  

It's another white warp.  I like white warps.  It's easy to make the towels any color I want then.  :-)

Today we went to Graves Mountain where they were holding a fiber festival.  First one up there, so not many vendors.  There were Alpaca, Llama, goats, and a bunny.  The shearing looked terrible - they took a Llama, and flipped it on it's side, then they use tie downs and stretch it's legs all out and kneel on it's neck.  There was one that screamed the entire time.  I watched it's breathing - it wasn't breathing hard.  But screaming.  I couldn't stand it!  I'm such a sucker for animals.  Sigh.

I didn't take the camera.  Guess I should have but thought about it too late.  The festival was VERY small, but hopefully they'll hold one every year.

Next weekend I'm going with my friend to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  I've heard it's huge, lots of walking, and lots and lots of shopping.  Good thing I only like cotton.  Probably won't be much there.  LOL.  I think The Mannings is supposed to be there, which I like, and I'll probably find some things I'll want.  Can't spend too much tho.....I've been trying to be good and not be bad with spending!

Not much planned for this week.  I hope to get a lot of weaving done.  Monday will be babysitting day.  Thursday, Gabbi gets groomed.  That's it for plans!  Yay!

I'm getting to like staying at home.  I guess that's a good thing.  :-)
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


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