Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 1 - done!

I finally finished the first of the cloth on Lulu.  It was fun.  I took my time, I didn't tend to get antsy about finishing, I didn't have a lot of time to work on it at one time so the work was spread out over weeks.  I think that was smart.  I got better as it went along, my selvages were so much better at the end, than at the beginning.

Four towels.  Nice size, love the 5/2 I wove them with.   

This is what it looked like, fresh off the loom:
This is what they look like finished:

I also did 2 table mats - patriotic themed, for an exchange.  I like them both. This is the striped table mat.
And this is the table mat I did with red and blue on a double shuttle, first time using it:
 I had a couple of other pieces I did also, one was yellow, it was a mistake in threading, but I liked it anyway and finished it off so that I can use it and remember that I made a mistake, but it looked nice anyway.  
The other was brown thread, 8/2, that I tried to see how it would come out.  The contrast of the brown and white was really pretty, but the 8/2 weft really drew in on the 5/2 warp.  I don't have photos of these two items, yet.  I'll get those and hopefully upload them at some point.

I am working on my rigid heddle loom now.  I have had it warped with Sugar and Cream cotton for a couple of months, but had messed up the warp, and it needed repair before I could start weaving.  Yesterday I fixed the issues, and started weaving it last night.  It's so bright and cheery and fun!  I am going to make a bag/purse type deal out of it.  I'll line it with something fun and pretty and put pockets in it, and use a stabilizer to help it hold it's shape.  It'll be the first time I make anything where I will have to cut and sew my own woven cloth.  Scary!

I have to decide what I want to weave on Lulu next.  I am taking a weaving class next Friday, we'll be learning Summer and Winter, and learning some techniques and tricks and short cuts, hopefully.  That's my plan anyway.  The part I'm not too excited about is that Friday is Good Friday, the Friday before Easter.  Around here, some of the kids are on Spring Break the week before Easter, and some are on Spring Break the week after Easter.  Traffic is always horrible, especially on I95.  We'll be taking a back way home, staying off the interstate because I do NOT want to spend 3 hours on a drive that should take 1.5 hours.  That's bad enough!  

I've gotten to spend some great time with my Grand Daughter, Jia.  She's SO stinkin cute, she is learning so fast, and she's becoming more adorable every time I see her.  She changes SO much in a week, it's totally amazing to me.  She sits in her jungle jumpy seat, and her little bobo seat on the floor, and plays and giggles and watches tv.  I know, they aren't supposed to watch t.v. this early.  But she LOVES Mickey Mouse club and she watches that screen like she knows what's going on!  She's only 4 months old.  Just amazing!

Isn't that the most adorable face you've ever seen?  Look at those cheeks!  She is too cute.  I lover her SO much!

That's about it from me this week.  I'm trying to be better about posting.  I don't think too many people actually read my blog anymore.  But that's ok, it's here for me when I feel the desire to post about my progress.  It's just that my progress is a bit slow sometimes.

Thanks for reading!

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