Monday, April 4, 2011


Yes, finally!  I have finally threaded Lulu the correct way, to get the twills I was trying to get in the first place.  And now, tada!
This is white warp, dark purple weft.  I love the way this came out.

This is a light lavender on the white warp.  I'm not crazy about it, even in person.  But it's coming out ok.
  It took a lot of work to get this warp on the loom.  I messed up the threading - more than once.  I skipped dents in the reed.  But, I didn't hate doing any of it - frustrated, yes.  But, I did not dislike any of the process.  I enjoyed the entire thing - I was just anxious to get WEAVING.  

I'm having some issues with being comfortable at the loom.  I have a bench, but can't sit on it long.  It seems high enough, it's difficult to get on and off it, and it's on carpet, so it's difficult to move in and out.  I have an office chair, but it's too short.  I put a cushion on the bench, but it slipped and slid all around and that didn't work very well.  I did try some drafting chairs at Staples yesterday.  They were ok.  Nothing that thrilled me.  One was the perfect height, but the edge was hurting the back of my legs.  The others didn't really go high enough but were nice and cushy.  
I'll keep looking.
Tomorrow, I get to see my daughter and the grand daughter who is growing by leaps and bounds.  Her hair is getting long, and it's so curly!  :-)  It's always a long day when we go up North to visit, but I love seeing them.  Other than the day I get to see them, I feel very out of touch.  Hard to explain.

Wednesday, a friend and I are going to PA, to a weaving store called The Mannings.  Should be fun.  We're meeting up with someone I've connected with on Ravelry.  She seems very sweet, and she's taking a week long beginning weaver class.  How lucky!   I'm excited.  I'm trying to tell myself to be frugal and careful with my $ while there.  But how??? LOL
I'm going up to weave a little, after taking the dogs out for a little walk around the property.
The farrier is coming for the horses.  Once he's come and gone, I'll weave some more. 
It's an "at home" day, since the next 2 days will be out and about.  Hubby's bd is this weekend.  I need to get a card and gifts for him.  55.  I'll be next, in May.  55.  Yikes.  

On that note, I'll leave you to ponder life.................