Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This past weekend, on Saturday, I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  I had never been before.  I wasn't sure of what exactly to expect - but I had a BLAST.  It was the BEST weather - 72 and sunny and a breeze.  If I weighed less and I didn't hurt so much, I'd have stayed for another 3 hours and looked more.  Oh, and I was with a friend, and she was driving.....so I had to leave when she left.  Hehe.

I picked up some Bamboo yarn.  I LOVE this yarn, and I want to make a piece of cloth that will turn into a jacket/top for myself.  It's the variegated yarn at the bottom of the photo. 

 Also pictured is a new boat shuttle, and some white eyelash yarn that I just could NOT walk away without........there are 2 shanks of it.  3 of the variegated bamboo.  And a poster!  I also got a t-shirt but it went into the laundry and isn't washed yet.  I'll get a pic of that later.

I had a very good time.  I can hardly wait for the next one in September (Berryville, VA) and then in October is the annual festival at Montpelier VA.  

I'm going to be saving my dollar bills, change, anything I can sneak away into my can for spending on fibers............

Right now, I have some towels on the loom. I haven't been able to get to the weaving in about a week.  Last Friday I decided I had to get one of my home improvement projects started.  I started stripping the wall paper in the bathroom. I've detested the wall paper for the entire 6 years we've lived in this house.  One of the things that inspired me to get this started was that I was researching homes for sale for my friend, and I actually got excited about the prospect of moving...........still down this way, but not so far out of the city.  I really hate that it takes between 30 and 45 minutes to get anywhere decent.  Not to mention, it takes that extra 45 minutes to get here once we are off the interstate coming back from visiting the kids up North.  I'd love to scratch off the 45 minutes.............

It won't happen any time soon, but, I figure, why not start now to improve the house, and I'll be able to have it up to snuff when we can put it on the market.  I still have a 5 year plan, and I am going to stick to it.  We are half way thru year one, and I want to have this house ready to put on the market in 5 years.  In 5 years, hubby and I will be 60.  YIKES!  I want to be closer to the city, to the hospital, to the interstate, to the grand baby!  Who doesn't want to be closer to this?
 I mean, really??????????  She's so adorable, and the happiest little one ever. I get a smile like this every time I get there. She's amazing!  And smart.  Yikes.  Are her mommy and daddy in BIG trouble!  hehe

Can you believe she's only 4 months old in this photo????

Oh, back to the story........sorry, I get easily side-tracked!  Hehe
So, I started stripping wall paper on Friday, then left on Saturday to go the MDS&W festival.  I came home, and most of the wall paper was off.  Well, most of the front of the wall paper was off.  My wonderful, impatient hubby decided he'd do it.  Problem is, he did it fast, and it left a TON of the backing of the wall paper behind.  With the glue.  Well, it took a TON of scraping to get that all off, which in turn, made a lot of gouges in the walls.  So, I had to spackle everything.  Got that done yesterday.  It needed 24 hours to dry.  Today I sanded, wiped it down, and tomorrow I will paint with primer.  That will dry overnight and the next day as Thursday will be baby sitting day for grand baby!  
Maybe I'll purchase the paint either tomorrow or Thursday on the way home from baby sitting.  
Friday, I'll get to paint.  Saturday, we'll get to put up the new fixtures.  We will have our bathroom back!  Yay!  This is taking place in the Master Bath.

It's not everything I want to improve in that bath, because the floor needs to be replaced - there are stains on the floor that can't be removed.  So yeah, that'll have to wait because that's more money, and work.  My body is already fighting with me about the climbing up and down ladders and standing on the tub edge to do what I've done.  My knee is killing me.  Not good.  Again, a weight issue.  Gotta get serious and do something about this issue...........anyone got any motivation????

K, so that's about it for this post.  I'll be posting again soon.  I am going to take photos of the unfinished bathroom.  I didn't take "before" photos - I didn't want any reminders of the ugly!  It'll look so much nicer afterward.  :-)



Quiet Quilter said...

"Busy" and beyond busy is the description I would use for this post! My sister said once, never start anything until you are sure you have the $$$ to spend for any help with major goofups you might do....sounds like you have the goofups under control!

No wonder you like to sit and weave when you can...it keeps your mind occupied and refreshes it to boot.

mainer said...

Good for Tony! And you! Love that Festival poster and that variegated yarn looks delicious. Good post,cuz!

MarthaVA said...

Quiet Quilter - thank you so much for the comment. Yes, sometimes I get more busy than I know what to do with. When I'm not, I've learned to enjoy it. And yes, the weaving has me under it's spell. :-) Thanks!

Hey Cuz. Thanks for the kudos. I appreciate it. Yeah, I can't do the stuff I used to (that sucks) but I'm sure glad I have my man to help me! :0


Jennifer said...

Motivation: that cute little girl in the photo ;)
And btw, she's not so cute at 10:30pm and absolutely will not go to sleep! I've heard of the terrible two's but I'm not sure they have anything on the stinky six months!