Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wonky pinwheels

I started photographing my pinwheels.  I didn't get to finish because the camera batteries died.  I have replaced the batteries, but, I haven't had much time to get back up there to continue photographing.  Sigh.
I did, however, get up there yesterday and tried to sew some more pinwheels.  I don't get much done before the dogs start bugging me about wanting to go out, or come downstairs, or eat, or whatever.  I think I spent 45 mins or an hour up there.  Not enough time for sure.

The pinwheels are coming out pretty wonky.  I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong.  I like the pinwheels, but I'm going to have to go thru and square up each and every one of them....not going to be fun.  So now, I'm wondering, do I want to keep going?  I have the rest of them all sewn together in squares....I really don't want to tear the rest out.  A decision I'm going to have to make.  Use the pinwheels I have, and mix in the regular squares along with them.  Its a thought.  Or, maybe I'll keep going just to figure out where I'm going wrong.  At any rate, I have realized I'd rather applique than to cut big pieces of fabric up, then have to sew the tiny pieces of fabric together. Anything smaller than 5" to work with makes me a little crazy! 

So we'll see.....I'll work on the photographs and start a Pinwheel subject that will take me thru the process.  Maybe someone can explain to me what I'm doing wrong!


Quiet Quilter said...

Can't help you with advice because I've never done pinwheels.

Couldn't you just say that the wind kept shifting?????

Amy B said...

Did you make the pinwheels with 1/2 square triangles? I might not be picturing the right type in my brain, but check out She has a HST tutorial that makes it really easy to make pinwheels (she even did a pinwheel quilt-along...)
Hope I am thinking of the right ones :)

MarthaVA said...

Ah, thanks for the comments.
I think I've figured out my problem(s):
1. I should have made sure the fabrics were on the correct bias - you know those little charm squares that are pre-cut? Yeah. I think I've learned a valuable lesson!
#2 is that I have started using starch on stuff before cutting and sewing. What a HUGE difference!

AmyB - these are not HST in fact - these pinwheels are from the Missouri Quilt tutorial on YouTube. You take the 2 charms, right sides together, sew around all 4 sides. Cut from corner to corner diagonally. Cut from the other corner to corner diagonally. Open all 4 of the little squares. Place them in the correct format and sew the two top squares together, then the two bottom squares together. Open, and sew the top to the bottom. Viola! Pinwheel.
But, if I don't have them put together really well, things happen and they don't lay flat.

Thanks for the comments !! It's nice to know that someone is actually reading my blog! :-)

Amy B said...

Whoa! What a great way to make them. But I can see where you have to be careful. But I will definitly have to try anyway :)

MarthaVA said...

Amy B - do try it - its fun. But as a new quilter I tend to try, and learn from my mistakes.
I'll be posting on here how I did it with photographs. I just haven't had the time lately! I have the photos, and I have the pinwheels up on my design board. They need squaring up, and then I think I'm going to audition sashing in between the rows - even tho most pinwheel quilts I've seen don't have sashing. On the other hand, I have 2 more charm packs (same patterns I used on the pinwheels) and am going to audition solid charms in between we'll see! Have fun! Martha