Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Arm Quilting

So tomorrow (tues) I go to That Little Quilt Shop in Madison VA, to use the long arm quilting machine on my Black Eyed Susan quilt.  I'm hoping I don't mess it up.  Something makes me want to hand quilt it.  But really I need to just go use the machine.  It'll be good for me.  I also keep thinking, do it at home on the little sewing machine.  But no, I NEED to go use the long arm.  I took the class, I have the date set aside, and I NEED to go do this.

It doesn't help that it is hot hot hot out today.  I can't believe this weather.  102 here at the farm today.  On the outside thermometer.  I hate this heat.  I can't do anything in it and it overwhelms me.  I only went outside a couple of times today.  Tony took the dogs out twice for me.  He also did the farrier visit today too.  Thank GOD he was home today...........

So, wish me luck on the LAQ tomorrow............I'll be back with pics....good or bad.

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