Friday, June 22, 2012


I've made progress. I'm trying new things, and I am happy with it.  I like trying new things, but I like it even better when they WORK!  :-)

Thanks to good hubby, I got my printer ink yesterday.  I printed off the test photo, and I got it onto the canvas. 
This is a HUGE learning project for me.  I like the photo and the way it printed off.  I did not, however, take enough care with how it was put onto the canvas.  There were bubbles....LOTS of bubbles.  Bummer.  I am going to find a good squeegee and see if I do a better job next time.
I will also paint the canvas next time, before I put the photo on there.  One person did paint the edges of her canvas, and I can see where that looks WAY more professional and classy.
Other than those boo-boo's, I think it came out quite nice.

Photo canvas front

Photo canvas back
In the top photo you can see how the white edges show.  Ick.
In the bottom photo you can see the back of the frame - and you can actually see the photo thru the canvas!  Huh.
I had an idea to put black ribbon around the edges, and tried, but it looked crappy unprofessional.  I will paint....but before the photo goes on.  As I said, this is my learning project right here.....there WILL be more to come!

I also got a couple of decent photos of the hummingbird that hangs out.  He/she was sitting on the fence and didn't fly away when I walked down to take the photos, or when I walked back up when I was done with photos (I didn't show the photo of the photo canvas that I took while it was hanging on the fence post.  I liked this one better).  So I used the porch railing to steady my elbows while I took some more photos.


And here is what I baked this week. I had the recipe in my recipe book where my hand written recipes are.  It was in my own handwriting.  I'm pretty sure it was a recipe my mom might have used, but not positive.  In any case, it was SO easy.  And they are SOOOOO much better than store-bought-out-of-a-box!

Brownies.  Chocolate brownies.  And yeah, that's kind of a frosting on top.  The reason I say kind of, is because I cheat.  Yep, me, I cheat when I cook/bake.  I took some chocolate chips and sprinkled them on top when the brownies came out of the oven.  I covered with foil for about 10 minutes, removed the foil, and spread the chips around.  Easy peasy and yummy.  You can use milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet, or dark.  Or even white chocolate if you wanted.  Whatever floats YOUR boat. 

Ok, well, it's time for me to chat on IM with my cousin, so off I go.  Just wanted to share what I've been up to.  I will be doing some more crafts quite soon....I have a couple of more super ideas that I hope work!

Take care!  I'll be back...................


Jennifer said...

I love the canvas...LOVE IT! Where did you get the canvas? Is it expensive to do this way? Also, send me the recipe for brownies PLEASE. LY, J

Judee said...

Peanut butter chips on those brownies, please. The canvas and the hummingbird are great.