Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Ice

I think I mentioned in previous blog that I'd made lemon ice to use in my ice tea.  I bought some strawberries yesterday, and made strawberry ice for my ice tea.  Wanna see?

strawberry ice
This is just after it came out of the cupcake tin.  I use bottled water, sliced the strawberries up, put a few slices in each cup of the tin, and poured in the bottled water.  Not too full.  Stuck it in a flat space on the shelf in my freezer (I have a bottom freezer and it has one shelf that slides out).  They freeze up in a jiffy, take them out, pop them out, put them in a baggie and back in the freezer.  Delish when I pop them into the decaf ice tea I like to drink when it's hot.
So much cheaper and better than the store-bought flavored waters!  You can add your own sweetener (my choice is Steevia).

I printed a photo of my grand daughter last night. The photo was taken by a friend of my daughter who does really nice photography.  She had Photoshopped this photo and it looks nice.  I was lucky - even tho the resolution wasn't very high, it came out well for an 8x10.  I cut it down, very carefully put it on the black painted canvas, and let it dry overnight.  This morning, I put the first layer of decoupage on it.  I'm pretty mad at myself - I'd wanted to use the matte finish and I used the luster!  Grrr.  I am going to put the matte over the luster, and pray it comes out ok.  It needs another coat, but it looks wonderful.  I will take photos of it later.  I know someone (Jenn) is going to love it....but I think this one is going to be MINE.  LoL.  I'm going to have to make her one too tho, before Wednesday......when I go up and babysit. 

Off to have my Sunday with hubby and whatever crafty thing I do today.  Hope you enjoy YOUR weekend!
Take care

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