Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yesterday was an amazing day.  I was up and getting ready to go, and I heard on the radio they were giving away tickets to see Willie Nelson live in concert in the nearby city.  I called, and I was first, but had to be the 7th caller.  I called back but he'd given them away. Darn!  On my way to pick up my friend Rita, I tried again.  I finally got through (yes, I was driving and hitting SEND on my cell phone, hanging up on the busy signal, and redialing all while driving - NOT a normal habit..and not a good one, I know) the announcer said the tickets had been given away, and I said oh darn I was hoping to win because Saturday is my birthday.  Well....he said "Oh heck, what are rules for if not to be broken, I'm giving you a pair of tickets I should be giving away tomorrow."   YES!  I was SOOOO excited!  I told him how old I was going to be (56) and how he made my day - I was SO excited I was jumping up and down in the car - by now, I was in my friend's driveway!  I hung up from the radio announcer after giving him my info (for the Will Call ticket window) and called hubby.  I got the dullest, calmest, not excited response - "that's interesting."  REALLY?????  C'mon - get a LITTLE excited!  Geesh.  Oh well, it didn't kill MY buzz!  Ha!

I told my friend what happened.  She was pretty excited for me so that was good.  Then we climbed back into my car, and we drove up north to meet with some old working buddies from the vet hospital we used to work for.  It was so great seeing them.  There was one we hadn't seen in like 5 years, and another we saw last year but not for long.  It was really great getting together, but the little quick visits just aren't long enough.  
We had a very good lunch.  Then my lovely daughter showed up with my grand daughter.  I wanted to show off, and we were in a place not far from where daughter lives.  I had asked her, if she had time, would she come by with baby.  She did!  That really made my day. :-)

When she showed up, we took baby to the ladies room for a diaper change, and when we returned to the table, my friends had a small birthday cake for me.  Sweet!  The best chocolate cake ever!  Rich, creamy, and the frosting - everyone else didn't eat it because it was so rich, but I did.  We just had teeny pieces because it IS so rich!  Yum.

We did a little shopping in this place (it's a grocery store with a really good food court in it) and then we left - behind schedule....but we made good time coming back. 

Today, I have volunteering at the hospital with Therapy Dog Evan.  He needs a good brushing, bath and blow dry, and since Gabbi is a mess because her food gets on the ends of her ears, and she has something sticky on top of her head, she is getting a bath too! 

Gabbi Sunning

Evan Almighty Super Therapy Dog!
Today will be busy.  Tomorrow I babysit (see photo above of beautiful baby girl grand daughter) and Thursday, my friend is going to take me out for birthday lunch! 

Friday, I have nothing on (as of right now) and Saturday, I'm supposed to do nose fun class with Evan but it's not till 3:00.  Then the concert is that night.  It's not far away - 45 mins, but the concert starts at 7 I believe.  It's been YEARS since we last went to a concert - the last one was Paul McCartney and I won those tickets on the radio too! 

Well, that's it for me today.  I have lots to do.  Off to get it started!

Take care,

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