Saturday, May 19, 2012

My New Purse

Made by me.  This is from a pattern called Bow Tucks bag.  It sounds like botox when you say it.  Kinda funny.  But I left the bows off this bag.  My first bag was blue, and I've carried it about 2 years I think.  This one is from fabric that was supposed to be for a mystery quilt, which I never finished.  I love the fabrics but, I have NO idea why I'm carrying a red, black and yellow bag.  Everything I wear is purple or blue.........

Anyway, I like it.  Before I switched everything over into this bag I wanted to take photos.  Only a couple came out well. So here they are.


The inside is light so you can find things, and there are a TON of pockets.  I'd like to make one a bit bigger than this to hold all the crap I tend to carry with me.  I'd also like to try my hand at designing and making a wallet to hold stuff because I don't carry the entire bag into a store with me (because of all the crap stuff I carry).

I am going to hunt for purple and blue fabric to make a couple of more so I can switch out.  Yeah, I have a blue one but I want a different blue one. lol.  They are pretty easy but time consuming to make.  Or maybe, I just didn't make it all in one sitting because I didn't manage my time well this week.  Yeah, that's probably it.

Have a GREAT day!  (it's my birthday , the weather is gorgeous, and I'm seeing Willie Nelson in concert tonight - mine is ALREADY great!)


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