Thursday, May 3, 2012


More photos of course!  Just more stuff in general too.
Last weekend we went to a little fiber festival put on at Graves Mountain Lodge, in Syria, VA.  Here is the link for  Graves Mountain Lodge  which is a a lovely area.  Here is the link for the Let's Get Naked festival Let's Get Naked.  It's really too bad that there weren't more vendors, or more people that attended.  Saturday's weather was kinda stinky.  Hot, humid, chance of rain, blah blah blah.   Sunday turned out really beautiful.  I think that this cute little festival isn't advertised quite well enough....which is sad.  It's a great place to have it.

I took a few pictures (surprise!).  We arrived about 10:20 or so, and the first little area we walked up to, had a little pen with 3 of the cutest Alpacas in it you can imagine.  The lady that was there was trying to feed them, but she only had 2 hands - and you know what it's like if you have 3 animals and 2 hands to feed with.  Being the animal friendly person I am, I stuck my hand out and said give me some, I'll feed too.  So she did.  This is what we were feeding...............
They are cute, aren't they???

Here is a bunny that was there.  I felt badly that it was in such a teensy cage, and was probably there all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Pink bunny nose

The REST of the bunny!

I guess it's kinda difficult to see how BIG this bunny was.  It would take 2 arms to hold it.  It's HUGE.  There is nothing in the photo for perspective. Sorry about that!

Here is a vendor that let me try her spinning wheel.  I really do want to get into spinning.  I'm not crazy about wool, but I do LOVE the feel of alpaca.....maybe some day down the road.  I have SO many hobbies now...I can't keep up with them! 

I'm not thrilled with this photo, and didn't know hubby took it till I downloaded the photos from that day.  Sigh....I'm so HUGE.  But hey, I was wearing my made-by-me jacket and I got lots of compliments on it!  I felt really at home on this was easy and it didn't try to get away from me.  I've tried the wheels you have to use 2 feet on, and wasn't thrilled with them.  But then, someone said that another lady had the creme-de-la-creme of spinning wheels - a Spinolution III.  So I got a photo of that too...

I really like this wheel!

Alas, it is more expensive, and I'm not really sure I'm going to be able to spin - I have arthritis in my thumb joints, and you have to hold your fiber between your thumb and forefinger in order to let it go onto the wheel.....

At any rate, it was fun.  Here are a few pics of the vendors.

As you can see, there weren't very many vendors, but there were a variety of them.  Some beautiful fibers, and some critters.  Not many people - I am hoping more people showed up Sunday afternoon!

That's it for today.  My focus is zero.  I don't know why.  I did get a lot of things done today.  I went to the gym for a little bit, trying to work my stamina back up.  Ran a few errands in town.  Came home, bathed my Maltese Gabbi, blew her dry, gave her a haircut.  That's always an adventure!  Then I showered and gave myself a haircut.  I haven't looked at the back yet...hope I didn't leave a bare spot there!  Oh, and I cut my finger while doing it!  I finally got a load of laundry in the washer, which is now finished and need to get it into the dryer, and put my second load in the washer.  Pretty soon it'll be dinner time.  I think I'm going to make something easy tonight.

I need to go read my dog training book - tomorrow is obedience - if I decide to go ahead and do it.  With the heat that has come up this week, I'm no good at being outside.  Not sure if I can handle it or not.  We'll see.

I also have some shows on the DVR that need watching........I'm SUCH a t.v. junkie! 

I'll be back with more in a day or 2 or 3....

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