Friday, May 18, 2012

New Stuff

I'm going to preface this post by saying, once again, yes, I'm spoiled....and I deserve to be. :-)

Yesterday my friend took me to lunch.  She has an IPhone, which she got late last year.  I got my IPad soon afterward.  I decided on the IPad instead of the phone.  I've carried that IPad everywhere with me, and enjoyed using it for photos, videos, checking emails, and playing Words With Friends.

Since tomorrow (the 19th) is my birthday, I asked hubby what he was getting me.  He didn't have an answer.  He wanted to know what I wanted.  I want my new sewing machine, but I have to have the yard sale and sell as much stuff as I can for a down payment.  Or, start having sales on my website (  So I asked if I could get the IPhone.  Last time we looked at them, the 4S with Suri was almost $300.  That has's now $200.  So I got that one because the next lower model is almost obsolete - it's been on the market for 2 years.  I haven't tried Suri out yet.  I will have to figure out when I need her.........the commercials on t.v. are hysterical to me tho.

I love my new IPhone.  I did have to have the 3G service cut from the IPad and transferred that cost over to the IPhone.  I can't have everything I guess....  :-(

Today I finally had time (and energy) to make the air freshener I wanted to make.  It's an experiment.  I want to make some for my daughter and see how she likes them too.

They are made from these supplies:
Essential Oil & Baking Soda air freshener
Baking soda.  Did you know this also can be purchased in a large box in the section of the grocery store, in the laundry isle?  Yes, it can!

Mason jars.  I had one small mason jar left from another project from my daughter's baby shower.  I used that for this project.  I'll use up the larger jars for the rest of what I'll make - they'll just have to do for now.  I don't want to spend money on jars if I have some that will work for now.  Mason jars are sold in Wal Mart, and come in many shapes and sizes.


Essential Oils of your choice.  Do some research - figure out what oils you like the smell of but also find out thru your research, what effect those oils have on the human and animals.  I used Lavender in this jar.  It is supposed to help breathing (asthma for example) and a host of many other ailments.

Fabric or paper.  If you use paper, make it a decorative paper such as scrapbooking paper.  You want it to be sturdy.  If you use paper, you'll need a tapestry needle or at least, some sort of pin, to poke holes in the paper.  If you use fabric, a nice open fabric like the lace above, is nice.  You can use cotton but I haven't tried it to see how much of the scent escapes the jar. 

Open the mason jar, remove the solid portion of the lid so all you have left is the ring that screws onto the jar.  This is the reason you can't really use another type of jar - if you did, you'd have to use a hammer and nail of a good size, to poke holes in the lid.  Not my favorite thing to do.

If using paper, use the ring to measure the circle using a pencil (on the wrong size of the paper).  Cut out with scissors.  Place the paper inside the ring.  After screwing the lid onto the jar, take a needle or pin, and poke many holes into the top of the paper.
If using fabric, I cut a square of fabric larger than the ring, put the fabric inside the ring, screwed the ring on, and cut around the edge with scissors.  You can attach the fabric with a white glue if you like.  I didn't -  we'll see down the road when I have to add more EO's if this is a good thing or not....

I put about 1/4 - 1/3 cup or using a spoon, 3 heaping tablespoons of baking soda in the jar.  In the small jars, it's about half a jar. In the larger jars, it's about a quarter of a jar....

I then dropped about 8 drops of lavender EO into the baking soda, took a plastic straw, and stirred it up.  I then took the lace, put it inside the ring of the lid, and screwed it onto the jar.  I cut the excess of lace off the edge of the ring.  If you're using paper, this is the time to poke the holes.

Now, I saw this on a blog or website.  Once again,  I didn't bookmark the blog or website so I cannot link to it (dang it!).  Oh wait, maybe I DO have it -- hold on, be right back...........AHA!  I DO HAVE IT!  I sent it to my friend and it was in the "sent" emails!  YAY.  Now to bookmark the darned thing....brb....
Ok, done.  Now, to give credit where it's due.  Here is the link....Baking Soda & Essential Oil Air Fresheners

So here is mine, finished.

I LOVE the lace - all my curtains in the main living area are lace.  I have a TON of it leftover from another project....I was making angels out of lace and Styrofoam balls for Christmas one year.  Teeny ones.  So much lace leftover - I used it as a background to take the photos!  LOL

So there is my post for today.  Trying to keep up better and post more interesting stuff...........with photos....cuz that's what I like to see when I read blogs from other people.

Now, I really MUST go upstairs to finish my new purse I'm sewing.  I'm excited to be carrying a new one.  Same pattern as my old one but have had that one for about 2 years now.  It has lots of pockets inside, and it's called a "Bow Tucks" bag.  I'm leaving the bows off this one, because they aren't useful and are just annoying.  Fun colors too and it has hearts on it - one of my favorite things. :-)

Have I mentioned I'm going to the Willie Nelson concert tomorrow?   YEEHAW!  Oh, and Nose Fun class starts too, excited about that also.

Have a Wonderful weekend!

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mareshavefun said...

Martha, I love the lace idea... pretty to look at, as well as opened enough to allow the scent to disperse.