Sunday, October 3, 2010


Wow, where does the time go???  I haven't been very good about blogging.  Or sewing!

I watched Julie & Julia, the movie, yesterday.  Direct t.v. is having a free weekend of STARZ.  I like that movie, but it made me feel really bad, because I envied Julie's determination to stick to both the cooking, and the blogging.

At any rate, I'm going to try harder to stick to posting every day, even if it's not long, and doesn't include pictures or sewing.  Although, I AM going to also try to get SOME sewing done EVERY day.  I like sewing, and I like getting projects done.

I have so many ideas of things I wanna do.  I need to GET WITH IT.

I did have a busy week last week. This week is also going to be busy.  That is, however, not a good excuse.  Its bad time-management.  Therefore, I'm capable of changing that.  And I will!

I went to the quilt expo in Dulles, and I was VERY disappionted.  The show in the Spring was much nicer, had many more good vendors, and more machines to play with.  This show had machines, small frames, and I got to show the longarms to hubby.  I just love them and really really want one of my own.  I'm going to start scrimping and saving, and try to figure out what I can sell to get money put away to put down on a long arm machine..........and hopefully finance the rest.   Tony thinks it's crazy, but, I think it could be an investment if I could get good at it.  Not that there aren't enough long arm quilters in this area............from what I understand there are quite a few.  But heck, why can't I be one too?

I did work on the baby quilt.  I cut the edge off the panel, and I actually felt FREE to move on and be more creative.  I can't believe how that border that came with it was holding me back.  

So I'd gotten some yellow and pink fabric.  I went back to get some more pink fabric which I probably didn't really need, but when I went to get it, I realized, it's not 100% cotton.  I really like to stick with cotton, but, hopefully this quilt will hold up and it won't matter.  I am going to try to do a bias binding which will be my first one.  I have a couple of magazines with good binding instructions in them, and plan on using them. So we'll see.........

I have so many Autumn projects I want to do.  I have my Mystery Quilt that needs to be continued, and I haven't even finished August, have done NONE of September, and here it is October!  Yikes.  Where DOES the time go???
Tomorrow I have the vet coming at one, then my friend is coming around 2 and we'll spend some time knitting.  Tuesday I have walking with the dogs in the park in the morning if no rain, then my massage in the afternoon (I can hardly wait for that!!!).   Weds I have volunteering in the afternoon at the hospital with Evan, and Thursday evening is dog class with Gabbi, and Friday morning, dog class with Evan.  Of course, I can do stuff in between.   I also have to clean - since my cousin and her hubby are coming from CA in 2 weeks.  Egads, I'm not nearly ready.  But I have a plan of attack, I just have to stick to that!

I'm outta here for now.


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