Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 3

My pinwheel and baby quilt are in the wash.  Praying they don't fall apart.  And colors don't run (have that sheet  you can put in there to catch running colors). And that the fabric from one quilt, doesn't stick to the other.  Taking chances. 

My Good Hubby T put the flannel sheets on the bed yesterday when he snuck around and changed the sheets and made the bed for me.  :-)  I LUV my flannel sheets.  I hate taking them off in summer.  I hate to get out of bed when the flannels are on also!

Cool this morning, in the 40s.  Was supposed to walk with friends and dogs, but decided not to go.  Will let the massage therapist fix the foot first, then will walk later in the week.  Or if not walk, at least practice with Evan on the agility stuff.

Turned the heat on for the first time this morning.  It was about 65 in the house.  brrrrrrrrrrr............

Finishing my tea, then off to get myself together to go out and do my errands before the massage.  One of which is to stop by the quilt shop down near the massage place.  Shouldn't be spending money, but, I love some of the Christmas fabrics that are out right now.  :-)  Since I missed out on some of the Autumn fabrics because I didn't buy them soon enough, I want to at least try to get out there and get some Christmas fabrics before they, too, are gone.

Off I go.......have a great day everyone!


Kelly Ann said...

I also had to turn on the heat...brrrrrrr...this morning..

mainer said...

Oh gosh! Will we need a heavy jacket?

MarthaVA said...

Kelly Ann - yeah, its that time of year, isn't it?

Judee ~ if you get cold we have heavy coats here. I would suggest bringing layers of clothes - its cold in the mornings, then it's warming up, then gets cold at night. I don't keep the house real warm so layers are a good thing. :-)